Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm a pleasure seeker......

"I’ve tried showering people with kindness, but it makes it really hard to work the soap into a lather."

The B-52's rock don't they? Here's their new song and video - Funplex! Warning: It is possible that this song may cause you to dance wildly around your home! If this is not appealing to you, then do not click on the play button!

So, yes i realize that the deodorant goes on the armpit not on the tee shirt! Let's just say i've had an issue involving armpits and deodorant. I totally own up to the fact that i have/had a odor coming from said armpits! An odor so bad, infact that it's been noticed...or should i say smelled? It's all taken care of, you can rest easy my friends.

What does this have to do with my blog post, you may ask? Nothing really. Just thought i'd add a little comic relief to what has otherwise been a whole bunch of really intense and serious postings.

SEX!!! And the city!! Got your attention didn't I? If you haven't caught Sex and the City fever, you may be immune to the virus. Try to stay underground this weekend. Godspeed.

So ladies, ever want to have sex like a man? Do you remember that one Sex and the City episode where Carrie sought out having sex like a man? Not with a strap-on, silly, but sex without commitment. Sex without snuggles and cuddles. Sex without reciprocation. Sex without any thought, without attachment. Where you get your jollies off and you’re out the door, leaving the man to wonder …

I love having sex like a man.

I’m not a cuddler. I don’t want to be held or touched after sex. I don’t want to talk about it, no reminiscing for me. I want to roll over and sleep. Period. End of story!

"The things you own end up owning you." Yes, how true is that? Amazingly true and very accurate! Just today, for example i got totally obsessed with purchasing a certain clothes item that i actually do need for my upcoming hiking trip. Well, i fell in love with the nike performance women's water shorts NPWWS for short. Exactly what i need and want and i saw it on the Nike website, so you would think it would be available right? Hmmm, nope! NOWHERE! Even Niketown in Manhattan said no go! I literally called 10 or 12 different stores. Finally, i found a store not to far from home that said "YES, we have it in black and purple, come on in!!!" YAY! I eagerly went to the store, driving in traffic mind you and when i walked in and kindly asked the salesgirl, she gave me a blank stare and said "HUH"? WTF? I got totally pissed off, big time and sort of yelled at her. It's not your fault BUT....she was perplexed to say the least. Whatever!

I won't say what i did next, but lets just say it involved food and possibly gaining a few pounds. Nuff said!

Anybody wanna buy me a present on September 30th? Sports Night a favorite of mine will be released by Shout!Factory! Folks, its the 10th Anniversary Edition DVD Box Set! This is big. This is very big! In fact, its bigger than big! I will kindly remind you on September 29th.

I think i may have a bit of runner's brain. I ran 6 friggin miles today. That is like 3 billion miles in dog years. No wonder i'm tuckered out. Or is it a cat has nine lives? I'm confused now. Anyway, back to running. It's pretty amazing is all i will say.

Ok, ok i am going to admit something here. I, michelle...hmmm me is, well we/us/i are going to see....NEIL DIAMOND! There i said it. I won't say it again. He rocks though, doesn't he?

So, i am down 30lbs since the beginning of November. 7 months to lose 30lbs. YES! NO! I mean YES! Runner's brain....

I am so raw cool! I mean i was always really cool, although some might disagree. OK, is there such a thing as a cool dork? A cool nerd? A cool geek? I think there is and really thats all that counts.

Last, but certainly not least...i am secretly in love with my primary care physician. Too bad he's not my GYN. It would certainly help with the fantasy ya know? EWWWWWWWWWWWW!

I want a smart car and i want it now! My birthday is 27 October. Don't worry i will kindly remind you.

Have a good weekend my blogosphere friends! Is it the weekend?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The space between the spaces.....

This song is bouncy and colorful. Just right for Memorial Day! Enjoy!

Courtesy of my friend over at Buellers Kitchen

I was thinking about this for a while. I write in my blog on a very consistent basis, and i mention my running in passing, but i've never actually dedicated a whole post to my love of running. Here goes:

One day about 20 years ago, i was looking at myself in the mirror and i thought, hmmm...i am 26 years old and i am getting a beer belly! Now, mind you i don't drink beer so this came as a big shock to me. My legs were kinda flabby too! So, being 26 years old and invincible i decided to make use of the new sneakers i bought, and the gorgeous boardwalk where i live. I laced up. I didn't have any cool running clothes so i made due with what i had at the time.

Now, again being a naive 26 year old i thought, dude i can run at least a mile the first time. OH NO! My brain and my body obviously were no where near in sync. Wanna know how far i ran? 1/4 of 1 mile! Thats it!

Ok, now your she going to go through every single year of her running life since she was 26? Nah! Lets just say after that first run, i was hooked. Crazy right? I just felt the weight of my problems lift and i saw everything so much more clearer than before. Just something about moving every part of your body in sync and getting into a zone of zen! (dirty minds need not apply here)...I didn't even listen to music back then. Ipods were just a small glint in the back of Steve Jobs mind.

So, after that first day of running, i slowly built up my stamana and got up to my desired goal of 5 miles a day. Fast too! All on my own. Day after day i would run my big butt off. After about six months or so, i noticed others running and waving at me. I was shy, but i thought hey let me smile and wave back. That started some friendships that are still strong today.

My running mentor, as i like to call her...Ilene! Amazing, amazing person! She is a pediatrician in the heart of Coney Island. She treats 13 year old pregnant girls with Aids. She treats young children with STD's. She treats babies so sick that some other doctors turn them away. Sometimes, she treats them for free too! She has, over the years treated me as well. I trust her completely, not only with medical advice but also with running advice. She's incredible and i love her.

There are others as well. Running through the years, overcoming injuries, being a friend, always concerned about eachothers wellbeing. I call them my running posse. A posse that i am very proud to be a part of. We did races too. On the boards, every Memorial Day and Labor Day! I did tons of races in Central Park. Practically every weekend, infact. At the winter races, afterwards we would all congregate at the local public school for some hot cocoa and cinnamon raisin bagels. Back then, i was very unaware of the raw food community. I did though eat very healthy to fuel my body for running. You had to!

I guess you can say the highlight of my running career is when i completed the 1991 NYC Marathon. 26.2 miles or 26-mile 385-yard marathon footrace. Finish time: 5:18:12, overall place 23,543 and by gender 4,312. It was intense, very difficult and extremely challenging. But, i did it. I have never been able to duplicate the feeling of crossing that finish line in anything else i have ever done since. I saw people dry heaving, falling on the floor, and grabbing the 2 bananas that were given to refuel themselves. I had my sister Sue and some friends waiting for me at the family area and they were so happy for me that i completed what i set out to do.

I've had numerous injuries and time outs from running. But, somehow God always leads me back to it. God protects me from harm when i am out there running. I've learned to listen to my body. When it says stop, i usually do. Spiritually, though running is all that and more! Just think about are out there, the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky, no wind and you are running easily. These days are made for running. God says today i want Michelle to get out there and just run. Run as if there are no obstacles, run like Forst Gump, run like the wind!!! And i do. And i thank God every single day that i am allowed to do this. It's mystical and magical and lovely.

I am no longer a 26 year old runner am i? I've run in the snow, freezing temps and windy, 90 degrees, alone, with friends, i even took running classes. I thought i knew it all but i am constantly discovering new things while running. I would venture to say that running is 80% mental. To cross that finish line, you must set your mind to it. Visualize it and make it happen.

These days, i like to look really cool when i run. I try to wear matching shorts and tops but sometimes my socks just go the other way. Its fun though.

The best part, i think is the caring and sharing and camaraderie that is my running community. There really is nothing like it in any other sport. It's comforting to realize that if one day i miss a run, i have people who are genuinely concerned about my welfare. Where are you Michelle? You OK? And the same goes for me. If i haven't seen one of my posse in a day or two i get concerned. I make a phone call. Hey dude whats up? Why haven't i seen you out there??

One thing i have realized, is that you either love to run or you hate it. I don't think there is any inbetween. Sometimes, you have to get past the hurting part of running to get to the euphoric part. The part where you feel a state of very intense happiness and feelings of well-being. A runner's high if you will. Better than any drug out there. If your feeling down, go for a run, i promise you will come back so happy and so physically satisfied, your body will beg for more.

You never even have to run a marathon. You can literally run 1 mile a day and call yourself a runner.

A Prayer of Trust

Protect me, God
I come to you for safety.
You are my Lord,
All good things I have come from You.

How good are the Lord’s faithful people!
My greatest joy is to be with them.

You, Lord are all I have,
And You give me all I need.
My life is in Your hands.
How wonderful are Your gifts to me,
How good they are!

I praise You Lord because You guide me,
I know You are always with me.
Nothing can make me afraid
Because You are near.

Show me the path that leads to life
Your presence fills me with joy.

Dude, you fill the space between the spaces for me. You make me whole. Thank you for allowing me the gift of running!!! I love you Lord.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Brooklyn Girl....

“We got a safe in the trunk with money in a stack With dice in the front and Brooklyn's in the back – No Sleep ‘il Brooklyn”

Brooklyn boy, born and raised
Chopping lines, hey hey
It's my birthday
It's a toy I torch to tarpit flames
A lockjaw night, hey hey
It's my birthday

Let's do a bit of a roundup. Weekend finally here. Brooklyn Boy: my new favorite song. Brooklyn is my home. Someday, maybe it won't be but for now this is the place where i live. This is the place where i was born even. Now, i'm not some typical brooklynite who uses the word YO and cruises around in a 1985 Caddy blasting music from Saturday Night Fever. No, i am much more subtle or delicate in my Brooklyniteisms.

For example, instead of cruising the streets of Brooklyn, i cruise the healthfood and fruit stands. And not in a 1985 Caddy. My cruising is usually done in my Brooks Casadia all terrain running shoes, with ipod. No Saturday Night Fever for this Brooklyn girl.

My Brooklyn neighborhood is very interesting to say the least. I would venture to guess we are 85% russian influenced at this point. Let's just say i hear a lot of russian being spoken. It's cool though. I find it fascinating to listen, hear and observe how the russian people live. They love to party, i will give them that!

My ex-roommate Nataly (i miss her so) is a prime example. She came here from the Ukraine in 1997 a shy and bewildered woman. I had the pleasure of picking her up from the airport. Almost immediately, well after about 8 months she married an american. Yep, this kind of stuff still happens. The marriage was sort of arranged so that Nataly could get her "green" card and become an American citizen. She worked so hard to get this done. She got it done. She divorced American. She is now an American citizen. But, get this. She is now back in the Ukraine with her real husband and love of her life. She simply cannot get her husband here to the states because of lots of legal redtape. It may take up to 10 years! WTF?? Nuff said.

So, Coney Island...gotta love it. The cyclone, the beach, my beloved boardwalk...its all there to behold. GOD, dude you done good! I really don't think there is anything like Coney Island in all of the world. So much history there. The summer is a wonderful time in Coney Island. Even the famous Nathan's holds a special place in my heart. Not because i miss the hotdogs i ate as a kid, but because its just another one of GOD dude's amazing creations.

I have many memories of Coney Island, but the one's that stick out the most in my mind was my family outings to the rides and then the beach. My mom ROCKed the planning of these days. She brought with her everything under the kitchen sink. Food, blankets, toys, sunscreen, hats, pales and shovels...all of it. The only thing i did not like was that my mom seemed to favor these strange looking kerchifs that she put on both myself and my sister. Whenever i watch my old homemovies i cringe.

So, now i am a grownup. I no longer eat Nathan's hotdogs or wear odd looking kerchifs on my head. I do, on the other hand like to walk on the boardwalk and take in all of GOD dude's creations. The best to me is breathing in the salty ocean air. It always seems so fresh and delicate at the same time. I also love to walk along the beach and observe the people. Want to know something? As i walk, i can see in my minds eye, my family sitting there. I can see the little red pale and shovel i used to play with. I can see my mom fixing my sisters kerchif tucking her long hair underneath it. I see it all really!

I have been given a gift. It's the gift of rememberence. Its the gift of looking back and seeing and then looking forward and seeing even more. The history here is so amazing. So, yes i am a Brooklyn girl and proud of it. Sometimes, its the worst place to be, but mostly its the best!

Round up:
This week went fast for me...
Lots of stuff happening, i feel myself spinning to fast. I want things to slow down a little. I need it to slow down. Think i will go put my ipod on and chill for a bit!

If you want to make Brooklyn in words or film or paint, you must see the way the sun defines the silent streets on an early Sunday morning, sculpting trees, buildings, fire hydrants, stray dogs, and wandering people with an almost perfect clarity.
-- Pete Hamill

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Learning to breathe.....

Little by little i am learning how to breathe. See, i was breathing all along, at least i think i was, but now my breathing has purpose and its done because being alive when you believe makes things so much more clear and wonderful.

Do you like the thought of just vanishing away? I do, a lot! Your here, your there and then your not. But, you are someplace else just as special. If you believe, you will get there. It's glorious.

You can read, you can think, but to actually be in a place of peace and joy, thats indescribible! I will not even attempt to put words to it. Just know it is!

So, whats glorious about it? Do you know? I do...
My eyes are small but they have seen
The beauty of enormous things
Which leads me to believe
There's light enough to see

Come on, how can these words not resonate with you all??? I've lived a relatively short time here on planet earth but my eyes see so much beauty. Even that squirrel that scurries past me looking for food, is actually quite glorious. When i step outside everyday for my morning run, the rush of adrenelin that comes over me is intensley glorious! The sun, the wind in my sweaty face, the water fountain, my friends that help me get through the run, simply glorious!

So, today i get some medical news. Not particularly what i wanted to hear, but i think i may have handled it with pride and strength and hope. I don't really know. I did ask some kinda strange questions but hey, thats how i roll. Like what happens if my brain pops out of my skull? Does it fit back in or do i have to place it? Or, do i get to wear those cool plastic hats they put on, before surgery? Because, i'm thinking i need to keep those unruly curls in place so i look all pretty when i emerge from that big scary room. I do not want to scare Karen! I have a reputation to uphold.

But, i will emerge, i will come into view for all the world to see. I will take control and never falter. I will surprise everybody. People will cram their necks to see me being wheeled out of that big scary room. I might even smile and wave. I will do a quick scan, see who i need to see and breathe.

This is really all i'd like to say about it. Medical stuff can be daunting to some. It certainly is to me. Or shall i say it used to be. Now its mostly, just a little annoyance that may sideline me for about 24 hours. DONE!

I realize this post is all over the place. I apologize for that. I just wanted to try my best to explain how i learned to breathe. You can all do it, i am sure of that. I am still the raw cool person you all know and love! Just 100% better than before. I am protected. I am loved.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is how i roll.....

It always comes. Those new days. I am always glad when they do, but i'd like to reflect on today. It was a hard day for me. I realize things happen and you must deal with it. I realize that. Wanna know how i roll? I deny my feelings and hope to GOD they go away.

They never do though. My therapist told me i must embrace and allow myself to feel. Feelings, emotions, these are Gods gifts aren't they? Shouldn't we embrace them, feel them and then hopefull let them go.

But what if you can't? Let them go i mean. Days like this don't belong, don't have a place in my world. I was coasting by without a care in the world. Then the worries start invading my brain. The what ifs and whens and especially the whys?

I think if we all knew why, the world would be a much better place. If i knew and understood the whys of the world, maybe i would sleep better tonight. I wouldn't think so much. My mind could finally shut down. Not gonna happen.

Nope, tonight is made for lots of pondering and oh yeah, praying. This has to be the best thing i discovered lately. I briefly mentioned that i pray in previous posts. Its such a powerful thing to do. And its so simple. There's no right way to do it too. It's not like i sit here and i'm all like Yo GOD my homeboy send me an ipod tonight. Send me a new blender, Vitamix would be nice...nope its much more profound.

It's like witnessing a leaf falling slowly from a giant oak tree. You see it, you watch it fall, and then its gone. Thats praying. It's so majestic. It's soulfull. I love to do it and i do it a lot!

So, how do i roll? Well, i try to be the best person i can at all times. When i feel angry i try to create a quiet space in my mind to embrace the anger and then slowly let it go.

I go running too. The best stress buster, creative outlet for me. Its' where i get a lot of ideas. Hey i have an hour to myself with my music to think, reflect and pray (there's that word again) that i can last for 5 miles. Gives me confidence too. I'm all like YO, i'm the best runner in the world. High five to my fatt self!

How do i roll? I like to laugh. I like to make people laugh. I can too! Well, sometimes. You know a good fart always makes people laugh, or is it a good joke? I forget.

So, how do i roll? I love the raw way! Is it the only way, of course not. It's my way though and to me thats important. I only try to help people if they are wanting the help. A "friend" and i use that term loosely once said to me that if she had to drink green juice she would throw up a little in her mouth. Whenever we used to eat dinner out, she would ask the waiter "do you have anything made out of a substance that doesn't occur in nature"? I'd like a bowl of that please!! UGH! And damn her, really. Why say that to me as i a gulping down my juice. I'm all like damn i forgot the kale! Time for a 2nd glass!

So, rolling right along i suddenly feel the need to protect myself. I don't mean i want to build a wall around myself and live within that wall. That wouldn't be any fun would it. What i mean is, make sure i am taken care of physically, emotionally and spiritually. There i said it. Am i on a roll here?

See, how i always try to make a joke? I do this often. I don't know why.

Also, in case you haven't checked 4,000 times in the last hour like I have, it's supposed to rain for the next two days in New York. Did you know this? Because I have it imprinted on my mushy brain, as well as the fact that any city that is usually sunny and within driving distance of my house has a forecast of rain and gloom and poopiness for the entire time it will be raining in new york. IT'S TIME TO START DOING DRUGS, I'M SORRY MOM.

Instead I am having some vodka. It will do.

This is how i roll. At least for today.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ambient Intimacy...OR You are a Boogerbrain!!!

"What's the point in wearing your favorite rocketship underpants if nobody asks to seem 'em? - Calvin"

I find myself talking about Twitter quite a lot. I’m not the only one. The behaviours that Twitter has made more visible are tremendously interesting.

I’ve come across this term being used to describe the experiences of Twitter, Flickr and reading blog posts! It's called Ambient Intimacy.

Ambient intimacy is about being able to keep in touch with people with a level of regularity and intimacy that you wouldn’t usually have access to, because time and space conspire to make it impossible. Flickr lets me see what friends are eating for lunch, how they’ve redecorated their bedroom, their latest haircut. Twitter tells me when they’re hungry, what technology is currently frustrating them, who they’re having drinks with tonight.

Who cares? Who wants this level of detail? Isn’t this all just annoying noise? There are certainly many people who think this, but they tend to be not so noisy themselves. It seems to me that there are lots of people for who being social is very much a ‘real life’ activity and technology is about getting stuff done.

There are a lot of us, though, who find great value in this ongoing noise. It helps us get to know people who would otherwise be just acquaintances. It makes us feel closer to people we care for but in whose lives we’re not able to participate as closely as we’d like.

Knowing these details creates intimacy. (It also saves a lot of time when you finally do get to catchup with these people in real life!) It’s not so much about meaning, it’s just about being in touch.

Yuh! Sounds good to me I’m glad more and more people are doing ambient intimacy things, it’s so much fun to consume, publish, and swirl around in.

Blogging. What can i say about this except i am grateful. Eight months ago, i had no clue what a blog was. Never even heard the word before. As i slowly discovered the blogosphere and realized that i wanted a part of it, i also discovered the many blogs i read today. I actually feel very left out of the loop if i don't keep up with the latest happenings at the raw food blogs. These people are my friends even if we never actually meet in person.

It's an intimate relationship for sure. I think some of my readers know more about me than i even know about myself. But, is it just noise for some? A place to kick up their feet and have a few laughs? Maybe, and thats totally cool. But, not for me!

I like to share things that i know will interest others. Maybe even inspire somebody to go for a run, eat some raw icecream or even just laugh at some of the videos or cartoons i post sometimes. And, in turn i look to my friends blogs for the same thing. And believe me, i learn a lot. Every single day.

I have a lot to be thankful for and i am not trying to veer off the subject here. I'm just saying everything happens for a reason IMHO. We may not know the reason, we may never know the reason and sometimes its better not to know anyway.

I hope i didn't bore you, my readers to death today. I just felt like talking about this topic for a long time now. Today seemed as good a day as any.

I need some of your prayers. Whatever, however, wherever! It can be fun. I really like the words Uplift, Inspire, and Renew. Should be the mantra of us raw foodists huh?

Monday, May 5, 2008


1 Thessalonians 5:16 ReJoice Evermore!

How fitting and cool is that? This is from 1 Thessalonians 5:16 and i wanted to share it with the world! I can't add to this so please take from it as much as you can and incorporate it into your daily lives!

So, lets talk New York Posse Meet-up. I am glad to be able to share some pics with you! I think you all know the people up above.

It went better than i ever expected. I am going to guess about 50 people showed up. I was able to travel with Karen and she kept my nerves at bay. We had fun on the train ride watching some kids run around and do chin ups and just be kids. When we got off the train at Union Square there was no way we couldn't just walk on through the wonderful green market so we took a quick look.

We arrived at Bonobos to a wonderful gathering crowd. The first person i saw was Beth standing by the door greeting everybody. Then my friend and fellow group leader Amy. She was working hard giving out pens, name tags, questionaires, and raffle tickets. Things were going smoothly and the nervous feelings i had started melting away.

I suddenly realized everybody was there for the very exact same reason. Camaraderie, connections, meeting Kris, a bit of laughing, coconut water, live food, and loving life! At least thats why i was there. :O)

The event was pretty much planned out for various things to take place. Some basic introductions of myself and Amy by our esteemed Beth. Beth, by the way is working closely with Kris right now to establish these posses across the country. Beth is a doctor as well as a patient. Wonderful, smart woman. Then eating some lunch, some people already had their food. Then *drumroll please* there was Kris. It was as if she was really there all along but somehow knew the right time to show herself.

It was kinda funny actually. People stopped what they were doing and crammed their necks to get a look at this woman who in my opinion is a pioneer and angel all wrapped into one. Kris is very pretty and tall and skinny! She came with hubby Brian who is a cool dude. Very supportive and always there encouraging her. So Kris spoke to us for about 30 min telling us her "story" and what she is up to now and what she is planning for the future. She pretty funny too! Then it was Q&A time and both Kris and Beth fielded questions from the posse. Good intelligent questions. I even learned a thing or two.

Raffle time! I can share now. Here's what was raffled off. A wonderful totebag from Pure food and wine actually Sarma prepared it so thanks Sarma! It had a signed book, goji berries, macaroons, almond treat, hemp washcloth, teeshirt and pens all inside the tote. Very nice and there was one lucky winner. Next, a years subscription to Get Fresh magazine. Next 3 bottles of E3-Live 1 bottle to three winners. Next a nice goodie bag from Nutiva then some amazing chocolate from my friend Vanessa over at gnosis chocolate. Excellent, i urge you to order some today! And lastly, 1 lucky winner got a breville juicer! Sweet!

And it was sweet. Everybody had a success story to share. Everybody was so appreciative of all the hard work that went into bringing this New York Meet-up to life.

I would really like to thank Kris for letting me be a part of this. It really means a lot to me and i think i have made some good friends and contacts.

I would like to thank Beth for working so hard to make this event a success! Let's give her a hand! Amy too! She really worked hard at this event, never even taking the time to sit down and mingle.

Also, Philip dude do you know how much you ROCK? I thank you for coming and making the meet up a success! Your presence was calming to me.

S, thanks for being there! Means a lot ya know?

Tomorrow is another day. Life goes on but memories stay with you.

Friday, May 2, 2008

My crazy sexy more!!

So, i really want to share this with everybody! Tomorrow is *drumroll please* the first ever Crazy Sexy Life New York Posse Meet Up! Try saying that 10 times fast!!!

I am honored. I am a group leader of this event. There is another group leader as well. Her name is Amy and it has been a pleasure to work with her on this project. It seems as if i've been working on this for a very long time. I would venture to guess about 2 months in the making. I am not even really sure how i became a group leader. It went something like this: Kris Carr saying "Hey wanna be a group leader?" "Sure", I said!

Kris...what can i say about her that hasn't already been said? She has single handedly changed the lifes of thousands of people. Both woman and men. I would venture to say her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer shown on TLC was the first time the world got a peak into her life. It was my first time. I found the documentary interesting, funny and life changing.

Then came her book. Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. I orderd it off of Amazon and promptly gave it to a friend. Bought another copy and keep it with me at all times. Then the blog...a place to read about Kris but also to interact with others. The comments soon had a life of its own. This is where i met a lot of the people that i am proud to call my friends! I think you all know who you are right???

So, now i'm thinking, what more can Kris do? Lots more apparently!! The forum. What the heck is a forum anyway? I know, just couldn't imagine Kris doing any more to bring people together. But, she did. Crazy Sexy Life was born. Almost 3 months now, i think. Great, great community to be a part of. If you are not yet a member please go here crazy sexy life and join up!

So, the posses are Kris Carr's way of getting like minded people together. Since there is a very large amount of people from the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area we wanted to find a way for everybody to meet up. So, this Saturday May 3rd is, as i said above the first Crazy Sexy Life New
York Posse Meet Up
. Pretty exciting huh? It is being held at Bonobos at 12 noon.

Lots of fun stuff is planned. Besides of course actually getting to meet Kris and Beth, there's also going to be some speeches, raffles, lots of chatting, and some good raw eating! What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

I hope i covered all the main points i wanted to share. Let's see:

1) Meet up
2) Kris
3) Dvd
4) Book
5) Forum
6) Meet up
7) Nervous

Thats really it, in a nutshell. I do not want to reveal the raffle prizes just yet as some of the people attending may be reading this.

So, please send good vibes my way for tomorrow! I know in the end, it will be an amazing event! Full of love, hope, friendship, happiness, food, and good vibes all over!!!

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, 'Grow, grow.'
-- The Talmud