Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm a pleasure seeker......

"I’ve tried showering people with kindness, but it makes it really hard to work the soap into a lather."

The B-52's rock don't they? Here's their new song and video - Funplex! Warning: It is possible that this song may cause you to dance wildly around your home! If this is not appealing to you, then do not click on the play button!

So, yes i realize that the deodorant goes on the armpit not on the tee shirt! Let's just say i've had an issue involving armpits and deodorant. I totally own up to the fact that i have/had a odor coming from said armpits! An odor so bad, infact that it's been noticed...or should i say smelled? It's all taken care of, you can rest easy my friends.

What does this have to do with my blog post, you may ask? Nothing really. Just thought i'd add a little comic relief to what has otherwise been a whole bunch of really intense and serious postings.

SEX!!! And the city!! Got your attention didn't I? If you haven't caught Sex and the City fever, you may be immune to the virus. Try to stay underground this weekend. Godspeed.

So ladies, ever want to have sex like a man? Do you remember that one Sex and the City episode where Carrie sought out having sex like a man? Not with a strap-on, silly, but sex without commitment. Sex without snuggles and cuddles. Sex without reciprocation. Sex without any thought, without attachment. Where you get your jollies off and you’re out the door, leaving the man to wonder …

I love having sex like a man.

I’m not a cuddler. I don’t want to be held or touched after sex. I don’t want to talk about it, no reminiscing for me. I want to roll over and sleep. Period. End of story!

"The things you own end up owning you." Yes, how true is that? Amazingly true and very accurate! Just today, for example i got totally obsessed with purchasing a certain clothes item that i actually do need for my upcoming hiking trip. Well, i fell in love with the nike performance women's water shorts NPWWS for short. Exactly what i need and want and i saw it on the Nike website, so you would think it would be available right? Hmmm, nope! NOWHERE! Even Niketown in Manhattan said no go! I literally called 10 or 12 different stores. Finally, i found a store not to far from home that said "YES, we have it in black and purple, come on in!!!" YAY! I eagerly went to the store, driving in traffic mind you and when i walked in and kindly asked the salesgirl, she gave me a blank stare and said "HUH"? WTF? I got totally pissed off, big time and sort of yelled at her. It's not your fault BUT....she was perplexed to say the least. Whatever!

I won't say what i did next, but lets just say it involved food and possibly gaining a few pounds. Nuff said!

Anybody wanna buy me a present on September 30th? Sports Night a favorite of mine will be released by Shout!Factory! Folks, its the 10th Anniversary Edition DVD Box Set! This is big. This is very big! In fact, its bigger than big! I will kindly remind you on September 29th.

I think i may have a bit of runner's brain. I ran 6 friggin miles today. That is like 3 billion miles in dog years. No wonder i'm tuckered out. Or is it a cat has nine lives? I'm confused now. Anyway, back to running. It's pretty amazing is all i will say.

Ok, ok i am going to admit something here. I, michelle...hmmm me is, well we/us/i are going to see....NEIL DIAMOND! There i said it. I won't say it again. He rocks though, doesn't he?

So, i am down 30lbs since the beginning of November. 7 months to lose 30lbs. YES! NO! I mean YES! Runner's brain....

I am so raw cool! I mean i was always really cool, although some might disagree. OK, is there such a thing as a cool dork? A cool nerd? A cool geek? I think there is and really thats all that counts.

Last, but certainly not least...i am secretly in love with my primary care physician. Too bad he's not my GYN. It would certainly help with the fantasy ya know? EWWWWWWWWWWWW!

I want a smart car and i want it now! My birthday is 27 October. Don't worry i will kindly remind you.

Have a good weekend my blogosphere friends! Is it the weekend?
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