Friday, May 2, 2008

My crazy sexy more!!

So, i really want to share this with everybody! Tomorrow is *drumroll please* the first ever Crazy Sexy Life New York Posse Meet Up! Try saying that 10 times fast!!!

I am honored. I am a group leader of this event. There is another group leader as well. Her name is Amy and it has been a pleasure to work with her on this project. It seems as if i've been working on this for a very long time. I would venture to guess about 2 months in the making. I am not even really sure how i became a group leader. It went something like this: Kris Carr saying "Hey wanna be a group leader?" "Sure", I said!

Kris...what can i say about her that hasn't already been said? She has single handedly changed the lifes of thousands of people. Both woman and men. I would venture to say her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer shown on TLC was the first time the world got a peak into her life. It was my first time. I found the documentary interesting, funny and life changing.

Then came her book. Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. I orderd it off of Amazon and promptly gave it to a friend. Bought another copy and keep it with me at all times. Then the blog...a place to read about Kris but also to interact with others. The comments soon had a life of its own. This is where i met a lot of the people that i am proud to call my friends! I think you all know who you are right???

So, now i'm thinking, what more can Kris do? Lots more apparently!! The forum. What the heck is a forum anyway? I know, just couldn't imagine Kris doing any more to bring people together. But, she did. Crazy Sexy Life was born. Almost 3 months now, i think. Great, great community to be a part of. If you are not yet a member please go here crazy sexy life and join up!

So, the posses are Kris Carr's way of getting like minded people together. Since there is a very large amount of people from the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area we wanted to find a way for everybody to meet up. So, this Saturday May 3rd is, as i said above the first Crazy Sexy Life New
York Posse Meet Up
. Pretty exciting huh? It is being held at Bonobos at 12 noon.

Lots of fun stuff is planned. Besides of course actually getting to meet Kris and Beth, there's also going to be some speeches, raffles, lots of chatting, and some good raw eating! What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

I hope i covered all the main points i wanted to share. Let's see:

1) Meet up
2) Kris
3) Dvd
4) Book
5) Forum
6) Meet up
7) Nervous

Thats really it, in a nutshell. I do not want to reveal the raffle prizes just yet as some of the people attending may be reading this.

So, please send good vibes my way for tomorrow! I know in the end, it will be an amazing event! Full of love, hope, friendship, happiness, food, and good vibes all over!!!

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, 'Grow, grow.'
-- The Talmud

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