Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Dance.....

For everything that was written long ago was written to instruct us, so that we might have hope through the endurance and encouragement that the Scriptures give us.
Romans 15:4

“If happy comes along– that weird, unbearable delight that’s actual happy– I think you have to grab it while you can"

How I love lost evenings. How I love people with fire in their bellies. I think people without passion are missing a lot of life's experience.

I've been carrying these around with me since the weekend.
These are the little jewels in my brain. The little bits of treasure I think about when I need some perspective. I'm no great philosopher, I leave that to the earnest singer-songwriters I spend my time and money following.

I guess the closest I ever get to a world-view is this: "You've got to celebrate today, 'cause sure as hell it's all going to go to shit tomorrow". It's funny how often that comes up in my life.

Anyway. No Proust, no highbrow philosophy for me. It's all about the learning!!!!

Ah, before I descend into and I love all my friends and you're all beautiful and I love you and you're beautiful and.....well, you know. I'd better get on with some writing.

I am constantly amazed at the inordinate amount of learning that can be done. Just when i thought i knew it all, i find that nope...i really don't. Probably never will either. Like a sponge, soaking it all in and in and in! Every day when i wake up, i think to myself, what can i learn today to make, not only my life better, but the lives of the people that i care about too??? What can i learn?

I can learn anything really! Just today, i learned the correct way to give a urine sample to the doctor. There is a technique to it and now that i know that technique i will never give a bad urine sample again! Just today, i learned that woman actually use menstrual blood to water their houseplants. Would i have ever thought to do that? Absolutely not, never, ever! Just today, i learned the value of learning disabled youngsters volunteering at my local Petco store. Amazing really! These young people felt like they were valued and needed! How cool is that??

Even when i run, i learn. I learn the art of sticking with something until the end. I learn that even if i do not stick with it until the end, life goes on! I learn that wearing a baseball cap really keeps the sun out of my face. I learn that i sweat A LOT!!! Good detoxing huh? I learn that even though i am 17 years younger than a 60 year old, i cannot run as fast or as long as he can! This is all good. It makes me think about my next run and what i need to do to make it better. OR i learn that it simply cannot get any better than it already is!

I learn a lot in my friendships and relationships. I used to say i didn't want any friends and i just wanted to be all alone. Not any more though. Want to know why? Well, its simple really...i seeked out friendships with like minded, healthy people who encourage me and makes me feel whole. People who i trust 100%! People who i completely enjoy spending quality time with. People who do not judge me if i make a mistake and people who give me a chance to make it right again. I may not always get it right but i try hard. I am learning. I know a few things already. I know that most people need their space and when they say they need their space, i must respect that. I know that i must respect a persons needs and wants. I know that i must respect...period!

Most of my older friends and aquantances are just that. They don't get the raw lifestyle at all. Zucchini pasta? They are perplexed. They get confused. "You mean, you eat raw chicken??" HUH? Come on guys! Now i do not want to use any derogatory words, but raw chicken???? Whatever!

I learn about emotions and feelings. How its good to talk about those feelings and be honest about it too. "Hey, dude you hurt my feelings today"! Ok, that sounds slightly pathetic and oddly liberating at the same time. Hey, i admit i am a DORK/NERD/GEEK but i am very proud of that. I learn that its good to talk things out with a friend and get it all out in the open. Then you can learn how to fix it and make sure it never happens again. I learn when to pull back and also when to push ahead.

Its fun, in a way. Friendships. Getting to know a new friend and then realizing that even though that person may be a "new" friend you've known that person all your life!!! Just never met until now. GOD dude at work. Amazing really! Do things happen for a reason? Yeah, thats the life long question on everybody's mind lately.
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