Sunday, June 22, 2008

Must have done something right..... and Tatts...

I am fine! Here is an after photo of me:

I kind of wish the surgery could have taken care of my absolute dorkiness, but somehow that wasn't part of the procedure!

Seriously, it went better than i expected. There is a lot to be said for heavy duty sedatives coursing through your veins. I don't even remember falling asleep or waking up. It just was! I just was!

What i do remember:
My doc wearing funky purple scrubs, including cool hat!
Putting on horrible hospital gown and some sort of underware!
Asking my doc how many of these procedure's she has done.
Being put onto the operating table
Scooting my behind into position
Being jabbed with IV
The anesthesiologist saying "OK, its going in"

Thats pretty much it, before!

Laying on gurney in recovery room
Asking nurse what time it was
Asking nurse if i could sit up
Sitting up
Walking to chair and drinking hot cocoa
Going to the bathroom
Getting dressed

Thats pretty much it, after!

Easy!!!! Too easy actually. What can i say, i'm one brave dork!!!??

So, the plan was to get another tattoo! My 4th actually! I knew i wanted a butterfly! Why? Because, to me butterflys represent a free spirit, A butterfly is a symbol of transformation or change, love and joy.

To me, it represents beauty, changes, taking flight, simplicity and peace. At first, its an ugly catepillar and no one will give it a second look. but with time and dedication, it becomes something marvelous to the human eye. Its a natural wonder. So, with my life, after getting through some tough times, a butterfly just reminded me of myself actually. I had to take time and appreciate what I had and what I hope to be in the future.

I just got my butterfly tattoo last night. It was exhilarating, it is beautiful and calm it is colorful and vibrant...everything I want to continue to be! ~ Happy.

It was a great experience. Getting my tattoo! I have three others, but this one by far is my very favorite! It's awesome. Everytime i pass a mirror i have to take a peek! I just love it so much. Who knows, i may go for number five tatt in the future! I now realize that getting a tattoo that represents something is the way to go!

I will share my others with you when i have the perfect photos of them.

I feel happy today! When things fall into place, the place in my head responds. Life can be so much better than i even thought. There's just so much to grasp and hold on to.

Thanks for all your prayers!

Yeah thats what i'm talking about!!!
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