Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm seeing, feeling, learning through life that it all starts with the spirit. Your spirit. When your spirit is in a good place then your thoughts will be good, and then your actions will be positive. I guess that just makes sense. But it is easy to forget in the whirlwind of life. If I can check in with myself and make sure my heart is in the right place in regards to any situation in life that feels like it needs attention, that seems to be a good way for me to get myself straight. Everything else just follows naturally.
The Daily Raw Inspiration - 6/11/08 spirit first

Coldplay - Viva La Vida Live

Coldplay - Fix You

My friend Sam over at yardsnacker did a great post about my most favorite band. COLDPLAY! I am so excited and looking forward to June 17th when their new CD Viva La Vida drops to the world. So far i've heard 2 songs off the CD and they are both great IMHO.

When music can excite me, i know its special. I've been a huge Coldplay fan for years now. Let's face it, Chris Martin is not too hard on the eyes.

Here's a bit of what Chris has to say:
Chris Martin has described this album as a new direction for Coldplay: a change from their past three albums, which they have referred to as a 'trilogy' Martin has also revealed that this album features much less of his falsetto, and he has allowed his voice's lower register to take precedence. Some songs on Viva la Vida, such as "Violet Hill", contain distorted guitar riffs and bluesy undertones.

Pretty cool huh?

The second song i included here is Fix You! Gosh i love that song. Sometimes, i listen to it over and over again. The words, the singing just resonates with me.

There is nothing like cranking up my ipod and going for a run to some amazing music. I think Coldplay has hit paydirt with this new CD coming out. Some say Coldplay has changed. Isn't change good? It is!!!

So, June 17th run, don't walk over to itunes, amazon or wherever you purchase your music and let me know what you think!

As Sam says:
These guys go dig deep into the love and what a treasure they’ve dredged up! I cannot wait to play this baby on my setup!

As Michelle says:
These guys go dig deep into the love and what a treasure they've dredged up! I cannot wait to play this baby on my setup! Hmmm, one question Sam...what is a setup???

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
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