Thursday, June 26, 2008

My liittle corner of the world....

Come along with me to my little corner of the world
Dream a little dream in my little corner of the world
You'll soon forget that there's any other place
Tonight, my love, we'll share a sweet embrace

There's this saying, i'm sure you've all heard it at one time or another..
Ignorance is Bliss! Not knowing something is often more comfortable than knowing it! Huh?

Sophocles said, 'For ignorance provides the happiest life'. But what is the meaning of 'happiest'? Is it going about your day-to-day life not knowing why things are the way they are? Are you happy because you feel what you see is what you get, and you feel no urge to delve into it more? If you are ignorant, does the world seem a better place because you just don't know of the pressing global issues threatening society? Is it merely a simpler life you lead… without so many complications?

Funny, I don't profess to know everything. In fact, in reality, i know nothing. A lot of nothing, but still nothing. My world is very small. I live in a corner of it most of the time.

When i am depressed, the very first place i need to be is up on my beloved boardwalk. The depression lifts almost immediately. I say almost because sometimes it doesn't. I walk. I think. I observe what is going on around me. Life is being lived. And still i know nothing. I am ignorant. I say this without being harsh about myself. It's just the truth.

When i am happy, the very first place i need to be is up on my beloved boardwalk. The happiness stays with me. It lifts me up. I still walk, i still think and i still observe. I still know absolutely nothing. Am i blissfull? Nope! Not quite.

My boardwalk has provided me with years of, shall i say entertainment. It's my little corner of my world. I walked hand in hand with a boy! I did. Yet, i knew nothing. I talked and talked to the most interesting of people, met the most interesting of people, yet i know nothing. I ran some of my best times up on the boards. I even have the trophies to prove it! I knew nothing.

I had silly accidents up on those boards. I fell, on my face!!! Tooth through lip, 10 stitches later, i knew nothing. Ignorant bliss is the way i saw it. I ran in snow, wind, rain, sleet, bright sunshine, humidity, ice and yet i knew nothing.

So, where am i now? What DO i know??? Here are some of the things I think i know:

1) I know how to be a friend
2) I know how to count to 10
3) I know that life is not as tidy as i'd like it to be and thats OK!
4) I know (now) not to let things get to me! Go with the flow! Chill!!
5) I know i am a good runner! Not great, but very good!
6) I know that i do not need things the way i thought i did!
7) I know that family is #1
8)I know that ignorance is certainly not bliss!!

It's actually kind of funny! This blog was originally supposed to be all about Raw Cool! Thats it! Raw stuff, maybe some recipes, my observations about raw...its that but so much more! I love Raw, i do, but i am not quite where i want to be with it. I admit i am not 100%. I know nothing. Raw is sooo much bigger than i am. Not complicated, just big! And getting bigger! Which is so Raw Cool!

My point is, that my blog is now complicated. Its big! To me, at least it is. Most of the time i am real serious here. I have to be. I bare my heart and soul. I don't want to hide behind some invisible blog shield. I want to be open and honest! I know nothing. I am ignorant.

But, folks what i do know is how to love. I know how to express (slowly) my feelings and thoughts. My emotions. My very being. I live in such a small corner, i wonder what will happen when i turn the corner, out into the open! Do i even want to do that?? Sure!

Big world, little! Gotta get out there, experience it all. Not be so afraid.

The other doors, are the doors i always want to go through! I think we all do, thats why we eat raw. Why go through the same old doors day after day? Eat Raw!!

I have to tell you, those yodels look mighty fine to me right about now!

But, for now i am a:

Will keep you updated as things happen, or when i think i know something! Anything really!!!
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