Sunday, July 26, 2009



I dig this video. Sure, it's all over the internets but who gives a fuck. I wanted to post it here on Raw Cool. If I ever get married I would want this to be the way my wedding party enters. Different song, of course, but something memorable. And fun. And different. Yeah.

I am basking in the joy of an 8 mile run today. I ran with my friend Samantha and we started out at 7am. Smart move. It was mighty muggy out there. I just love running so darn much. There is nothing better. NOTHING. Ok, well I can think of a few things that may just be better, but running is up there as a really great thing.

I ran 4 straight miles without stopping and then took a quick GU/WATER break. After I hit mile 5 I walked for 1 minute. After I hit mile 6 I walked for 1 minute. After I hit mile 7 I walked for more than 1 minute and also stopped at the water fountain to gulp down water. Mile 7 to mile 8 was tough because I knew it was the last mile, yet I was quickly running out of steam. Samantha got me though it by encouraging me and not letting me stop.

It was awesome. Really. I know, you non-runners are all like What the fuck is so awesome about that?. Go for a run and you shall have your answer.

I don't know how to stress this more, but everybody must be active. Active in your mind and active with your body. I don't care of you take a short walk, skip, hop, whatever! Just get out there and move. Enjoy life. Sitting on your ass all day long just ain't going to do you any good. It is invigorating and incredibly awesome to be moving. Your body is meant for that. You don't see kids sitting for very long and for good reason. They know what to do - even as an infant.

I say all this because I care about you. I do. So, please for your own health don't you all want to be here FOREVER?

"If you don't know where you are going, how can you expect
to get there?"

-- Basil S. Walsh

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