Wednesday, July 16, 2008

1 2 3 4....

Oh my how i wish i had children!! Or at least i wish Feist was around when i was a kid! She wasn't. Nor do i have children. It's just an all around fun video to watch and sing to. Yes, i've sort of memorized the lyrics and yes i even danced around the house to the song...sorry folks, no photos of that!

So first things first. I really want to give a shout outz to my friend Sam over at yardsnacker for his 1 year anniversary of going 100% raw! How friggin cool is that?? Go check out his blog and leave him a congrats message why don't you? He certainly deserves it. His lovely wife Heidi over at hihorosie also has a cool blog that i follow regularly! Wonderful people, always so encouraging and helpful to me. I appreciate that guys!

Now, i want you to hop on over to my good friends blog rawmodel and scroll down to "good out of bad" and just read it. This post, for me not only hit the nail right on the head, but made me realize just how mature and smart Anthony is! I've spent time with him one on one and he is a delight to talk to. Always willing to teach or explain things to me. Read his blog. He's a good man!

So, while things have not necessarily been going right for me, i am trying very hard to make some good out of some bad! If you think about it, its simple really. And believe me, i do a lot of thinking. It's all in the mindset you decide to capture.

First thing i've decided is, well i am a grown up. Grow the frig up already, Michelle! HAHA! Are you for real? Why of course! So, there are many things to take into consideration whilst being a grown up! Definitely make some good out of some bad!!!

"Of course there are some moments that seem to be simply horrendous,
but if we wait long enough things will work out." Absolutely Anthony said it best!! But, the waiting could be horrendous as well ya know? So, i say create things so that the waiting can be way less horrendous and more a learning experience! Writing is a big one for me. I like how the words just flow out of my brain onto the computer monitor. So fast!!! It helps me to keep a keen awareness or perspective on things. A quick penetrating mind so to speak!

Really though, why wait around anyway? I ask i want to just live to die or do i want to live and then die someday in the very very distant future maybe after i've written 3 best selling novels? I wait enough in doctors offices and on line at the bank. It gets old real quick.

There's really so much i want to do. So much i have to do. It's all there for me, i just have to pick and choose and sort through to uncover the richness that is simply living my life.

Sometimes, though i do things without thinking it through first. Not so important things like eating Haagen Dazs icecream too much more permanent things like getting random tattoos impulsively. But then i think, the more you think the less you will end up doing in life. So, where does that lead you??

Well, just today i had a good long time friend "look out" for me. In a caring, amazing way she made me realize my self worth and gave me a wonderful boost to my ego. She knows me and knows my abilities. She's smart and kind and a friend. I would do anything for her. She made me realize that i can really do whatever i set my mind to. And so, i am now pursuing that. (more to come)

I know i've touched on this subject before, but i am sorely lacking in the 100% eating raw department. Last November 2007, when i really got into it and got a juicer as a birthday gift from sista, i had no idea what i was really doing. I just kept reading online and learned so much and for a while i was good. Here's the part that bothers me...i constantly feel as though i failed at being raw. Raw cool - am i? But, and here's the best part...i did lose a total of 35lbs since November and i feel great about that. Sure i run everyday too but its the juicing and green smoothies and eating lots of raw (not 100%) that kick started my weight loss. Don't stop exercsing folks, even if you are 100% raw! You must move, move, move!!! Really just get out there and do something.

I've been out and about. Meeting up with old friends.

Make new friends, but keep the old!
Those are silver, these are gold...

Yeah, i guess! We'll see. I have to wait long enough don't i?

I would love to give a shout outz to my sista Sue! She puts up with all my shit, all the time. What a strong woman she turned out to be. Real smart too! Ok, she doesn't know it all, but she knows enough to know when to be there for me. I guess i realized that family does indeed come first. No matter what! Love ya sista!!! And no, we are not 12 and 14 years old!

I've got a condition for which there is no cure
I'm in a position that everyone prays for
Got a sound in my head that could wake up the dead
Like the who singing Summertime blues
Got no thorn in my side, got no secrets to hide
I'm completeley and utterly amused

I'm alive, I'm alive
It's a beautiful day and I'm happy to say
I'm alive, I'm alive
And wherever I go it's amazing to know
I'm alive

From running fast as fast as I could getting nowhere
I'm standing incedibly steadily somewhere
Got a hand on a jug and a life that I love
and it's driving me out of my mind
I'm a bird on the wing with the world on a string
and I'm feeling incredibly fine

I'm alive, I'm alive
It's a beautiful day and I'm happy to say
I'm alive, I'm alive
And wherever I go it's amazing to know
I'm alive

I'm looking older now than when I was a kid
but feeling younger now than I ever did
and I've got no situations playing tricks upon my mind
I'm feeling christmas in the middle of July

I like these words a lot!!!!

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