Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Little girls cry, big girls say Fuck You!!!!

"I would rather be disliked for being who I am, than be loved for being someone I am not."

I was told recently to grow up and get a life! I am still really trying to figure out what this person actually meant. Does this person think i am a pathetic human being with no prospects and no ambition? Does this person think i am a loser? I really do not know. But, i'd like to say this:

1) If i wanted tips i would carry around a tip jar, where you could either throw in money or hmmm tips!
2) I'm a contributing member of society, I pay my taxes, I'm on good terms with my family, I have lots of friends, and I enjoy life.
3) I am creating the life i want to live!
4)When I grow up and pay for my house I will let dogs come inside my house
5) For me, its about the journey, not the destination!

So, on to Raw Fu! There is so much going on there i don't even know where to begin. First, maybe check out bunnyberry's blog! She is certainly rockin the raw fu! Here's my page Michelle. I was thinking that maybe i've entered into this challenge all wrong. What i mean by this is simply i didn't actually decide on a specific challenge. I don't like that about myself. Believe me, once i decide on something that i want to achieve, it will get done. The problem is in the deciding.

So, since i am not 100% raw at this time, i was thinking more along the lines of challenging myself physically. Athleticallly?? I feel that if i am physically fit and strong, i will be emotionally fit and strong. I don't really know too much about "working out". All i do is run. And nope, i am not running away from anything. Nor am i running to something. I just run.

While i'm not in the best shape of my life, i am truly in much better shape than i was 8 months ago and i have raw to thank for that!! So, my challenge to myself and to Raw Fu will be to run at least 6 days a week 5 miles each time. So far, i am on 10 days straight of running. Yes, i know i need a day off. I've been told plus i just know. Yet i can't stop right now. I will. Just need to wrap my head around the fact that a day off is a good thing!

RAW!! What can i say? Simply that without raw i would not have lost 30lbs. I've never been 100% but i was close and learned so very much. I cannot stress enough how wonderful raw people are! There is a very cool bond and trust that is like no other. Everybody is so helpful and wants to share what they have learned with you! I soaked it all in. I learned so much. It's big and getting bigger! Just yesterday, after i ate over at pure juice and take-away i was walking and noticed some sort of commotion going on. I looked and saw a big sign "juice bar". Of course, it caught my eye and i investigated. It's a friggin raw take out juice bar AND they sell plants. I'm all like what the fuck?? Pure food and wine take away is at 126 E. 17th Street and this place called Sal Anthony's The City Gardner is at 119 E. 17th Street. Too close for comfort?

So, this place seems pretty cool. They have nori wraps, collard wraps, house salads, raw pizza and some nice desserts as well. Next time, i will check it out, or should i say try it out!!! So, yeah raw in nyc is getting bigger by the day!

I see a lot. I must see whats out there. Sometimes, i'm not even really looking and i still see. I see good people. I see people who care. I see people who won't and do not judge me. This is what i take in and what i absorb. I see people encouraging others and in turn i encourage. I see myself caring. It's all good, believe me.

Everything i write here is for others to see me. To really look at me and understand where i am coming from. There are so many things i want to write about and will. I have so many ideas floating around inside my head. It's amazing really, what the human mind is capable of.

I love my Mac! For sure! I don't know how i ever got along without one. I highly recommend purchasing a Mac if you can afford it. I got the 13 inch Mac Book 2.1 GHz. It's very user friendly and Photo Booth really rocks. I learn something new, literally every single day!! I am thinking of a name for my Mac. I have a few ideas and will reveal the name with photo of my baby very soon.

Time for me to skedaddle and hmmm, grow up!!!

"Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it ot hump it, piss on it and walk away."
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