Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sit and wonder.......Or not!!!

So, remember the "freak" shirt i once bought a very long time ago? I'm pretty sure i wore it twice. It's horribly outdated and ridiculous looking. The shirt up there. Way more like it, don't you think? Yeah, well i think so thats all that matters.

So, today was day 30. Tomorrow will be day 31 and i feel up for a longer run. Definitely, a 10K, possibly 7 miles. All depends on my breathing, the weather and how much sleep i get. Since i've been sick my sleeping has been for shit. Most nights i find myself gasping for air at one point or another. I have to literally sit up and clear my lungs of the horrible phlegm that has been plaguing me for the past 5 days. It's ok though, i now have the correct inhaler and cough suppressant to get me through the night courtesy of my good doctor runner friend.

This just in:
Total Time: 01:10:08 Distance: 6.73 mi Elevation Gain/Loss: 1,079 ft / 1,068 ft Calories: 807 C
So, i ran 1/2 mile over a 10K!!!

I need to be extra careful to stay clear of my mom because of her CLL. She is more susceptible to getting colds and catching nasty stuff from people and i don't want to do that to her. Tomorrow is her visit to her oncologist and i always worry just a little bit. Not as much as i used to because i know she will be fine. She is strong and just wants to hop off the doctors table right after he examines her. We giggle about that!

There is a blog i am following. Get this....he is throwing a mega halloween party and he is inviting all his blogger readers plus friends and relatives. He is a pretty funny dude and there is a possibility i may be attending. It's not in my state so when plans are finalized i will write more.

Also, next year 2009 i am definitely doing a marathon. I've been talking to a friend and he says, and i agree that smaller marathons are much better. More homey and less stress. When i did NY back in 1991, it literally took me about 5-7 minutes just to pass the starting line and be able to start running. It was crazy and its even worse now.

I'm thinking Vermont/Maine/Rhode Island OR Philly. Then there is Amsterdam. Can you imagine? London is way too big. Chicago too big but doable. I'll see. It all depends on a lot of factors. I won't go into a marathon without proper training and knowing i can complete it. The training alone can make or break you.

Coz I'm under the weather
Just like the world

This man, i have no words really. He is beyond hotness!! This is Jon Hamm. He is the reason i watch Mad Men!!! Check out the freakin video why don't ya????

Roger Sterling: I bet there were people in the Bible, walking around complaining about kids today.
Don Draper: Kids today, they’ve got no one to look up to. ‘Cause they’re looking up to us.

— New Amsterdam

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