Friday, September 11, 2009

It's A Beautiful World

The children outside all are laughing under perfect skies
The shapes and patterns in this season make me feel alive
I wanna shout it from the roof top and tell the world
That, “I was blind but now I see what’s right in front of me!”
It’s a beautiful world I see, everything looks differently
It’s a beautiful world I see, these moments are changing me?When I look at the sky I see the reason why I know,
When I look out from the window,
The moon and stars shine all their lights down from the heavens
I choir of angels strike a chord and lift their voices
And then we sing out,
“I’ve been lost but now I’ve found what’s right in front of me.”

I was really thinking about what to do for my 9/11 post. I could have went in many different directions here.

The "where I was that day when it happened post". The "how I felt immediately after post". The "thank goodness, I didn't lose anybody close to me post". The "why I thought it happened post". I could go on and on.

But, I decided to go with the "It's a beautiful world post". Think about it. I am here, you are here reading this. That right there makes this world beautiful. I feel so very badly for all the families who have lost loved ones and I feel so very badly for the people who were there and had to endure the horrors of that day. I even have a friend who, while was not at the towers, was in the street and got covered with dust running for her life. And to this day she is not the same. Asthma and just well ya know!

But, think about how beautiful the world has become. In a crazy ass way 9/11 has brought peeps together. More patriotic and caring. More helpful and pensive. More loving and emotional. Just more of everything.

Sure, not everything is hunky Dory or even close to that but still....The people I have met over the years is proof positive that good people exist. And the people that came to help on 9/11 are selfless and beyond special. They didn't think about anything except helping. And saving. And digging. And hugging. And crying.

I did my share of crying, but I also rejoiced when the 1 year anniversary of 9/11 came all too quickly and the powerful connections were brought to life. As our president said "We came together as one people". Thats powerful.

I think that may be all I can conjure up about 9/11. My personal story is everybody's story, I think. My thoughts and prayers to everybody who perished and their families are everybody's thoughts and prayers. Today, we are all one!!

Please keep me in your awesomeness! I am doing this NYC Century Bike Tour 55 mile ride, and while I know I can complete it, I've never done a big group ride, so it makes me a bit anxious. I sure am fit enough and have the stamina. I consider myself an athlete ~ because anybody who runs and bikes and does push ups, sit ups, squats and planks almost daily is an athlete in my book!

Also, I need to address this on my blog. I was told to not write stuff bashing people. Do I do that? I wasn't aware that I was doing that at all. I just tell it like it is. Simple. TRUTHFUL. Simple. EASY!! I don't mince words, I just say what I feel. Bashing? Doubtful!! So, what I wrote stays. You can unfollow me, if it offends you. Your choice. That is what makes life so beautiful. FREEDOM!!

Out beyond ideas of right thinking and wrong thinking is a field. I’ll meet you there… Jalaluddin Rumi
Yeah, that means you, and you and you all the way over there!!!!

When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained... Mark Twain
Yeah, try to remember that, or better yet, don't forget!

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness... Martin Luther King, Jr.
Ya think?? I DO!!!

Anyway, I am just a geek in pink.

It's exactly at times like these, Michelle, when the going gets tough, rumors are rampant, and people begin resisting change, that you know things are about to get really, really good.

You always could pick the right time, the right place, and the best jeans.
All eyes are upon you,
The Universe
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