Friday, September 26, 2008

Point A 2 Point B....

Mason Proper - Miss Mary Lou Carreau
And we, the inhabitants,
love it love it love it
'cause she's shaking the world less
the shaking the world so much less than before
Miss Marylou Carreau Carreau

Mason Proper are an American rock band formed in Alpena, Michigan in 2004 under the name Patterns in Paris. After moving south to Ypsilanti, Michigan, the band changed its name to Mason Proper and continued to record prodigiously in advance of their debut album, There Is A Moth In Your Chest. Check them out here My space. They are hip and cool.

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

Once again, be earl, he just makes me want to be a better blogger! Kinda swiped this video when i laughed my head off watching it on his great blog, which i urge you to visit, like NOW!!!

So, check it out. I live in a place where most people eventually leave and retire to Florida! It starts out innocently enough, first they just visit for a week or two, then they winter in Florida, snowbirds they like to be called, then after about 5 years of doing this, they just pack up and head south. They live in "adult" or "senior" retirement communities. You know, the kind of place with the prerequisite golf course, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, club house/bingo hall and oh lets not forget the shuffle boards that are installed in every couples drive way!!! This, to me is the beginning of the end.

But, this year especially has me quaking in my boots. I am fucking scared. These people, Nana, Papa, Zaide, Bubby, even Grandma and Grandpa these are the Florida voters!! How can the younger versions, the people who in approximately 20 years will also be Nana, Papa, Zaide and Bubby, how can we get the word out to vote OBAMA!! How?? Threaten them? Not send them golf and shuffle boards? Punish them?? No more brisket for you Bubby!! WTF??

I can see it now...Nana and Papa roaring down the road in their new faster speedy senior scooter!! Smiling, all ready to cast their vote for their "elderly" counter part! Just like that, they win!! We lose!! We then have a Sarah Palin as our President. A woman who thinks because she lives in Alaska, and Alaska is near Russia, she thinks this counts as "foreign policy" experience!! Palin has never been to Russia. She's never demonstrated any expertise on U.S. policy towards Russia. She doesn't have any background in international relations at any level. But for Republicans, the fact that she's lived in a state near Russia is somehow a qualification for national office.

I'm throwing up in my mouth right now!! This is fucking scary shit.

SCARY (fucking) PALIN!!!



Do the right thing, come November!! PLEASE!!!
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