Friday, September 19, 2008


TVOTR - Golden Age
TV on the Radio (often abbreviated to TVOTR) is a New York City indie rock band formed in 2001 whose music spans genres as diverse as free jazz, a cappella/doo-wop, soul, shoegaze and electro. Golden Age is a song In which these Brooklynites embrace their full dance-rock potential. The bass groove sounds like "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'," Extra points for rhyming "natural disaster" with "ghetto blaster." Check them out here myspace

I have lots of people in my life. People i can count on to tell me i have a piece of spinach lodged in my front tooth. People who laugh at me when i slip on that proverbial banana backwards, i might add. People who help me up from that fall and don't laugh. I wonder about those people. I mean why not laugh?? People that are quick to lend me a buck. People who give me free medical advice and make me healthy. People who just love me for who i am and call me gorgeous. I'm not making that up!!!

It's just so fucking cool to me to know that my life is cared about.

Have you ever had amazing home made salsa? With just the right amount of spice that gives whatever you dip into it and carefully controlled kick. Talk about caring and gorgeous!! The person who so nicely and wonderfully sent me her home made salsa is Jenn jenn. Check out her great blog just for conner, Conner being her amazingly adorable son. I cannot say enough nice things about Jenn! She is kind hearted, beautiful, caring...just an all around great gal. Thanks Jenn jenn, your salsa rocks!!

So, i finally transferred my itunes library from my PC to my Mac Book Aspire! With a lot of help from Apple Tech Support, of course. What i thought might be a simple benign procedure turned into something a bit technical and long winded but its done. I love Apple Tech Support. My ipod is my running friend and my night time companion. I like to say music is my life.

Today was a day off from running. I don't know why i feel so compelled to run daIly! It's sort of ingrained into my very being. I feel whole when i run. Incomplete when i don't. It's something i do. Something i love. I like to say running is my life.

By now your probably scratching your head wondering..."Yo dude, which is it?? Is music your life or is running your life?? Short answer, YES!

I fall in and out of love very fast. I think i mentioned my crush on Jon Hamm didn't I? The man is freakin move star hot!! I wanna jump his bones hot!! So, hot i am burning.

Then i come across this guy!!! Wentworth Miller. The name alone send shivers up and down my spine. He is sexy and young and a bonafide TV star!! Prison Break. Nuff said.

I am staring to realize that my blog is morphing into something entirely different than what i intended it to be. This troubles me. I had every intention of talking mostly about food and recipes and raw! As i venture a bit further from being 100% raw my interests take me to other places. Other things i'd rather write about. It perplexes me just a bit.

So, what i think i would like to do from here on in is write a post about one specific topic as opposed to being all over the map. I want my thoughts to be well formed and coherent to the reader. A short story if you will. Or a movie review. Or a quote with my thoughts. Or a poem. But, not 10 poems or 15 movie reviews within one post. I also kinda like memes. They are kinda cool.

Please my readers, can you give me some input. Tell me what you want from me and i will try to give it. After all, i am a giving person. Ask and you shall receive. Really! Do you guys like the music videos at the beginning of each post? What else might you like to see up there?? A knock knock joke?? A naked photo of moi?? I can do that...well maybe!! We'll see.

"When uncertainty no longer bothers you then the infinite is possible." - Eckhart Tolle

“No one can change your channels unless you give them the remote control.” - Gurudevji Chitrabhanuji
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