Friday, September 5, 2008

See i lost my sense of direction, but i'm alright now

So, i go from yo i'm like all raw and hot and sexy....ooops wrong raw. Let me start again. I go from yo i'm like all raw and healthy and feeling light to yo give me that freakin chocolate chip cookie. It's how i am. It's either one way or the other. It's how i roll.

Raw, to me is a way of life. But a good way of life. I have not embraced it 100%. I've admitted this many times and i am not sad about it. Life needs to be lived in a way that is comfortable for us all. I do that. I live comfortably. I eat. Sometimes too much, sometimes the wrong things but i always seem to come back to raw.

When i meet up with my good friend Anthony over at rawmodel my feelings for raw seem to hit me over the head. In a good way. Anthony is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all things raw. We always have a good time walking around the Union Square Green Market and chatting away about everything.

Here are some amazingly colorful heirloom tomatoes that seemed to dominate the market today!!! I bought some after kindly asking the woman working there yo so which ones are good??? She's all like dude, you can taste anything you want and then buy what you like!!! Fuckin win!!! (dee)...So, i ate me some heirlooms. Then bought what i like.

My problem is when walking around the green market i seem to buy like everything. Anthony, is a more thoughtful buyer. He likes to look and investigate various stands until he finds what he likes. Me, well you know how i roll....

So, i'm looking at some lettuce and today i was on a mission to find Boston lettuce a cultivated variety of lettuce having a rounded head of soft, crumpled leaves, used for salads. I ask "do you have boston lettuce"? No says the woman. Then a woman standing right next to me starts directing me to where i may be able to find some. I glance at her because, well she was trying to be helpful and i think to myself...hmmm she looks very familiar. Really familiar. Then it hits me. Chelsea Clinton is talking to me telling me where i can find Boston lettuce. So, very dorky me says to her "hey are you Chelsea?"...."Yes i am" she answered. Inbetween some blushing and stuttering i asked her if i may take her picture. She very nicely said "i don't think so". So, i'm all like yo Chelsea what up with that?? Who wants your picture anyway!!! And i walked away.

YEAH RIGHT!!! No, more like "OK Chelsea i understand, maybe i shouldn't have asked you that.? Again, she smiled politely and said "no problem, have a nice day, hope you find the lettuce!!! She was actually very nice. Pretty in a very unassuming way. So, today besides getting to hang out with Anthony rawmodel, i also saw and talked to Chelsea Clinton!!!

Here is a product i first read about over at delightful kristensraw blog. She gave it an amazing review and i just knew i had to try it. So, today when i noticed it at Whole Foods, i quickly purchased it and ripped that sucker open. SWEET!!!! You know, not sweet in taste but the SWEET one says when they are cool and trying to say to the world that this food is fuckin win!!! (dee). Here is a bit of what it says on the back of the bag:
Take the succulent sweet taste of mangos, add a twist of lime and a dash of chili and let it bask in the sun until dry, and what you end up with is a zesty treat that really excites the taste buds.

Check it out here the raw choice. I suspect that you may be pleasantly surprised.

I don't quite know where else to go with this post. I find myself laughing at things that perhaps 1 month ago, i couldn't. I flop out of bed each morning so excited to be able to run, that i almost pee in my pants. Ok, well i never did but you get my drift. Also, i don't really flop out of bed, i just like that word. You tend to your mind almost as though your tending to a garden. You water it and make sure it has enough sun and you then stand back and watch it grow.

This is my mind lately. Grateful and growing. Getting enough sun which ignites many passionate thoughts. I just love it. I love the conversations i am lucky enough to have while running. The time literally flies by. Don't get me wrong, i am not the fastest of runners, but when talk is interesting we all run fast. Passionate running i like to call it.

You must make things happen. For yourself. For others. Just do it. I hate the way this political shit is going down. What can i do??? Just vote is all.

I am very happy too. My best friend from Kiev is finally able to bring her hubby to the USA!! It was a hard 2 years for them both and now they can live happily ever after in the land of the free. It's a really long story and once i get photos of the happy couple i will devote an entire blog post to them.

I think i now need to concentrate my thoughts on my good friend Austin. He is having a difficult time health wise and needs support. He is an incredible person and incredible people deserve the best!!!

I wanna leave you with a couple of cool things. This IRAW, i found on a blog. Forgive me, i cannot remember which blog, but once i do, i will give credit.

I'm scorpio!!! Is this me??? Well, yikes if it is and yikes if it isn't!!!

I want this. As my pet. Like right now!!!

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