Saturday, December 13, 2008


Bon Iver - For Emma
"Go find another lover;

To bring a... to string along!"

Just a good introspective song folks.

Things are as they should be.

Don't worry or panic, i am not going to get all mystical and spout some new age shit. It's just that when your feeling badly, the only thing that can happen is eventually you feel goodly!!! Not godly folks, but goodly!

So, i am being interviewed by the ever cool and goodly blog buddy Adam Avitable. It is some sort of Five Questions Meme that went around for a while. You can see the rules down below, but he asked his readers if they wanted to participate and I volunteered. Must have been when badly things were happening to me!

So here goes.

1) Exclamation points seem to be your favorite type of punctuation. Why do you hate periods so much? .................

Before i answer this, i'd like to point out my clever use of several periods at the end of this question..
So, i believe Adam here is referring to the fact that i am indeed a woman, who menstruates on a monthly basis and this is his way of asking me if i hate having my period. Why, in fact i do! I do hate my monthly period. I do not like it one bit. It's annoying, painful at times and i think i look fat in my skinny jeans. The only and i mean only good thing about my monthly period is that means i am not pregnant. Not that i wouldn't want to be pregnant, but only when i want to be. So, to emphasis the fact that i hate periods so much, i use exclamation points to emphasis that fact.

2. What the fuck is a raw foodie?
Well, when you google raw most times you come up with some sort of porn site. Raw sex, raw love, raw lesbian action raw...well you get my point. Raw foodies fall under a whole other category of googles. Raw foodies only eat RAW food. Wow, now how hard was that to understand???? And by raw food, i do not mean raw chickens or meat??? No siree Adam. Have you ever had a green smoothie? You know you throw stuff in a blender and make sure to include something green such as spinach or kale???? Man that stuff rocks! It's freaking green and thick like sludge. You need a spoon to consume it. Then of course, about 1 hour later the gas starts and you spend the rest of the day farting and pooping! FUN!!!

3. List three reasons that New York sucks.
Only three??? Yo man this is going to be a tough one because in all honestly New York is the hippest most trendiest most amazing place on earth. Oh, sorry i digress...ok why does NY SUCK??? 1) There is NEVER any parking in New York. And if there is there are about 20 omillion signs to read to make sure your car will be there upon your return!!! Otherwise, it will be towed away to some far off land never to be found again! 2) There are admittedly more rats in New York than people! For real folks. Just go and stroll into Central Park or an underground train station. You will always be able to count more fucking big ass ugly rats than big ass ugly people!!! SCARY!!! 3) It sucks that every time i am in New York and i get lost, which happens a lot...the people i ask for directions are tourists who know more than i do!!! WTF?? I live here, yet i do not know my city!! The tourists, know my city better than i do!!! Again, SCARY!

4) What celebrity do you look like?
DUDE not really a fair and partial question...All i can say is i was once told A VERY LONG TIME AGO that i looked somewhat like Andie MacDowell. I don't see it and personally i don't care but you did ask!!!  Please no laughing.  At least not at me!!!

5. Describe your tattoos. Provide photos if you want.
Oh your dying to know aren't you!!!??? Ok, so i have five tatts. My favorite being my butterfly on my left shoulder. But, i digress....1) tribal bracelet on my right ankle with a star of david in the middle of it. 2) Sun and moon intertwined on my left ankle. 3) 2 very small hearts intertwined....4) butterfly on left shoulder 5) I will keep this one private!!!

So do you want to be part of it? (And i think you do) Follow these simple instructions but please follow through if you ask to be interviewed by raw cool....K???

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

And now i am going to open up my favorite jar of white chocolate wonderful peanut butter and settle in to watch the Iron Man Triathlon on NBC! It's all kinds of greatness at the same time!!!

Go forth my friends and be happy!!!
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