Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In Our World Of Plenty.....

First i just want to thank you all for your support and offers of contact and coming together. You all rock so much!!!

I feel 50 lbs lighter this morning. I took the advice of the people who care about me and i did what i had to do. Now, i move on never to revisit the part of my life that i just let go. 2009 is my year. It is our year. It is the year of change. Everything will fall into place. I am finally doing what is good for me not what is good for others. Not what i think others need, what i need.

I will never change who i am. I am giving, kind, compassionate, considerate and loving. I am smart and special. I never take. I give. And i give because i want to. I give because this is who i am. This is how i was raised. That part of me will never change. But what will change is how i react to situations and i will speak my mind if my feelings are hurt. I will not take crap from anybody. I will live the best way i know how. I will take care of my family and those around me who give a shit.

This past year i've met amazing bloggers who have rapidly become my friends. Each and everyone of you are special and caring. You reach out and give. You make me laugh. Thats fucking special right there folks.

THe 50 lbs i just lost will never be gained. That is how i want it. I stand by my decisions and i am proud. Do i cease to care? Of course not! I just can't be involved is all.

So, to each and every single person out there who is some small way reached out to me and made me giggle:
I love you all and i wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!! Keep in real in 09!!!

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