Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sassy people are into green.....

Earth Day 2008 - April 22nd...TUESDAY!

Will you take the train or bus to work? Start washing your laundry in cold water? Just turn off a few more lights?

How to be an Earth Trustee:
"Actions good or bad begin in the mind." Think, pray, talk and write about how you can be an Earth Trustee. Help your neighborhood or town to be an Earth Trustee community. Spread the word about recycling, planting trees, neighborhood gardens, composting and saving energy, healthy diet, sleep and exercise.

When you buy or invest, make choices that diminish pollution and poverty - that increase sustainable developement.When you buy or invest, make choices that diminish pollution and poverty - that increase sustainable development.

This is so easy! Us raw foodists are basically doing all this already. We do not really need a "day" to make it happen. Or an excuse to start...its already in our hearts. Spread love i always say.

Check this out won't you please heart felt video. It's quite beautiful in its simplistic message and lovely pictures. I know simply riding your bike to work or planting a tree in your neighborhood would make tons of difference in the way our Earth looks and feels to us.

What i think is so cool is that in reality the Earth is all of our "hoods" so we all live in the same "hood" don't we? We are neighbors. We can wave to each other each day when we leave our homes and then again when we return in the evening. There's so much to do and see its so incredible to me.

So, what do you say folks? What will your contribution be to our Earth be? How about a permaculture project like my good friend raw model is doing? Oh my god, think about it...he is going to literally be living off the land. This rocks my socks off on so many levels. Is Anastasia real? She sure is, living inside a raw model! :O) He is going to have it all. Guava, figs, meyer lemons, persimmons...PERSIMMONS folks. How i love thee persimmon. And so much more. I envy this man and his vision for his future and the future of us all really. He is making it happen.

What else? How about just a small plot of land to plant whatever it is you like to eat. Maybe tomatoes, some herbs...zucchini. Cucumbers, and peppers. My friend yardsnacker (don't ya love that name)? He already has a plot at a community garden and is going to plant all of the above PLUS he wants to grow some superfoods! Woah, makes me dizzy just thinking about it. I insist you check out his blog, his youtube videos ROCK!

So you probably wonder (to yourself i hope)...What the heck is Raw cool going to do? Yep, i will let you in on a little secret. I kinda wonder myself what to do. I know i must do something, but what? So, here's what i'm thinking. There is a wonderful park about 15 min from my "hood" Prospect park. Prospect Park is a 585 acre public park in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. As a work of engineering and landscaping Prospect Park was so revolutionary in its time that many considered the Park a work of art in itself. There is so much going on in the park, picnics, running paths, lakes, beautiful big trees, a about this: brooklyn botanical gardens?. I could literally spend a day here, if not more!

Anyway, i need to do something either at the park directly or at the gardens. You know my mind is constantly at thought about this. I will buy books to tell me how, or pick the brains of the people in the know. Then i will implement my thoughts into action. Let's all at least wear some green on Tuesday OK? Simple, i don't ask for much.

Now, i have to give a shout outz to some people who have been ROCKIN my world lately. Jenn jenn, Sue, Debs...shall i describe them individually? If i must...

Jenn jenn, she is caring, gorgeous, loving, honest and a beautiful human being! I'd like to share a little bit of what she says to me:

"We will never be perfect...good god that would be too easy. It's a constant struggle to accept who we are. The sooner we embrace it, the better off we will be. Easier said than done I know. But shit, you can run 5 miles a day, rock with the best of em, and make everyone smile and laugh. You my friend are a gift from above. Love you, Jenn"

My god, how can you not love this woman???

Sue, my sista is the smartest person i know. She's funny, hard working and i know she there for me no matter what! She is extremely into learning and embracing a healthy lifestyle! Just today, she called me from Whole Foods to discuss bee pollen and sea salt. She's Gorgeous too! friend, my cohort, i can so relate to her. So knowledgeable in practically everything! Her writing is amazing and i urge you to read her blog debbie does raw She too, is gorgeous!

So, sassy people lets ROCK Earth Day 2008! Do some recycling, ITS THAT EASY!
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