Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yo, ShOuT OuTZ.......

SHOUT, shout
let all your feelings out
no matter how you do it
you should never keep it down
cause it will surround you
and soon it will drown you

SCREAM, scream
at the top of your lungs
you'll bob so much harder
and meanwhile you'll get life
it's all around you, just stop
and then it will astound you

Ok, now that i'm done with the videos, pictures and lyrics i want to get down to it! I've been thinking i need to do this. A shout out if you will. I am grateful to all of my new friends. Bloggers, raw foodists, CSL peeps, all of you! The love is constantly flowing, its there all of the time. I feel this. It makes me feel good. Good is a great way to feel. Isn't it?

There's so much to say here. I really feel as though i am a different person. Inside and out! First...since going raw...drumroll please!!! I have lost 24lbs. In 6 months!!!! Now, i don't know about you but this feels mighty awesome. I am not done. I want to lose more. 16 more. That will be 40 total. I can live with that.

I feel and see the difference in so many ways. My hair for example. The curls are just so bouncy and wild. I like wild. Soft too. My nails, they grow like the dickens. They look healthy. My mind, more clear and vivid. Lots of emotional detoxing going on. This is good on so many levels. Just ask my therapist. Music! It just draws me in! Cannot function without my ipod. Also good. I run! Not in circles i might add. Real running, 5 miles at a time. Endorphins kicking around in and out and all over. I see the sun rise. Every day...can you imagine how this makes me feel. To see the day literally starting right in front of me. Sweet!!

Then there are the days i spend in New York City. This city truly pulls me in. There is much going on in the city of my birth. Sometimes, i admit too much. That is the time i will find a quiet area, and yes there are quiet areas in New i will find an area and just fall still. For however long it takes. No rush. No cell phone, no music, i block it all out and breathe. Then i reenter the city and continue on my merry way! It's just so easy now. Nothing bothers me anymore. Well, ok i'm human of course things get to me, but now i know how to handle these things.

I have so many opportunities and a few projects that i am so excited about. Everything is falling into place. Slowly, but surely its happening for me. So, here is my official SHOUT OUTZ to each and every one of you! I thank you for being there for me and loving me! I love you all more than ever!!

Q: How many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Just one, but the light bulb has to WANT to change.

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