Friday, April 11, 2008

You gotta be cruel to be kind....

If you can't be right, be wrong at the top of your lungs!!!

I have been having an intense debate with an online friend of mine. He is very adament about something that i totally disagree with. Namely, dating. More specifically, finding your soulmate.

He is totally into the Myers-Briggs personality types. Let me give you examples:

Carl Jung's theory of psychological types says each person is "wired" with different tendencies and preferences. Some of us are extraverted while others are introverted, some are "thinkers" while others are "feelers", and so on.

Better yet

16 personality types

take the test

Sure, its interesting, but i'll be damned if i would allow this one test to determine who i shall and shall not date and eventually marry.

He says:

"But the fact is if you look around in your own life you will see time after time that the people you connect best with are certain personality types. We are not going to agree on this because my J and your P think very differently."


"Different skill sets for different people - different strokes for different folks. The IeNeFP would much rather learn by experience and having the date because they fear misjudging someone. How many dates have you gone on where the guys were complete disasters? Its your preferences to experience dating in a way that makes you feel more comfortable. Great! More power to you. Its my preference to experience it my way. Which is avoiding dating people who are not compatible based on gathering the myriad of clues that we each reveal about ourselves - intentionally or not."

I am so glad, i am not so close minded! I have to say here, if he is reading, that i respect his opinions and life choices, i just do not agree is all.

I tell him, there is a great big world out there with many diverse people. We sort of owe it to ourselfs to expose ourselfs to all sorts of experiences. Heck, if i ignored that article i came across on eating raw food, i may have never even started this blog and met the most amazing people on earth!

It's like one thing, leads to the next and soon you are so much richer for the experience and love that you find all around you. I worry that my friend will never find true love. Love that he so desperately craves. I try to explain to him that there are very different kinds of love.

Love of family, love of amazing friends, love of music, writing, running, eating, sleeping, gosh too much love to handle some days! I certainly wouldn't ask my running buddies to take a personality test before i agree to run with them. I can just see me with pencils behind both ears, whipping them out so they can take the test! And, what happens if they did take the test and we were total opposites?

Gotta tell you, that would throw me for a loop. Because, in all actuality, my running buddies ARE very different from me. But, this is what makes it so interesting. If we were all the same, what a boring world this would be!

I hope i didn't lose anybody here! I'm just trying to reach out and agree that while having things in common make for good relationships, how about a little diversity? I know people with cancer, that i can totally relate too, but i don't have cancer. It's just me, adapting to people's needs. I can listen, be there and be a friend to just about anybody!

So, lets all think about this for a minute. Pure food and wine is not the only restaurant in the sea! Diversity baby!! Let's eat kale salad, or not! Green smoothies yeah! No greens, good too! To dehydrate or not? Either way dude...sprouts, beastie boys, ipods, colonics, brazil nut milk, almond butter, iphone, blogs, what else folks? How about some carrot apple juice? Good conversation, therapy, starbucks, green tea, reading, reading, reading! Maca, MSM, i like it raw, do you???

Diversity my friends! Don't pigeon hole yourself into thinking there's only one way of doing things! Heck, i know people who run backwards. Now, if i did that i would fall on my butt. AOL, Gmal, Yahoo, who cares? Hip hop and rap!! Fuck yeah!!!

I'm just saying!!!!
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