Monday, March 10, 2008

Follow the day AND reach for the sun.....

“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away.”

I entered the outside world today when it was still dark and quiet. I actually got quite excited at the prospect of watching the sunrise, or at least being out there when it was happening. The sunlight makes me feel good. Plain and simple. Is it the vitamin D that the sun radiates or is it the warmth...could be a little bit of both. I love running when its sunny, everything looks crisp and bright! I don't like dullness. It's like somebody covers the sun with some curtains and dulls the world and the way i see it.

I've been in a bit of a strange mood as of late. Not to go into too much detail i just feel like having an attitiude. But, using that attitude to help me write and create. I want to show the real me here and everywhere basically! There is simply no reason to pretend to be someone or something your not. Just not cool in my book!

So, today at my therapy session with Liz, i swaggered in and didn't pull the headphones out of my ears until my song was done. She gave me a funny look, but i could have been imagining it. Then, i was wearing my new t-shirt with the single word 'Freak' on it! You can check it out here:
chucklenut t-shirts Then, as if to make matters worse i put on an old ratty pair of sweatpants with old sneakers, plus and here's the kicker, a black hoodie, with said hood up and on! Cracked me up. Halfway through the session, it was as if she woke up and said "Michelle why do you have your hood on, can you please take it off?" Reluctintly i did. After that things got deep and turned hard. She's good but i'm better!

I seriously think i'd make a great therapist. I kinda enjoy trying to analyze what a person says and why? I can probe and delve in with the best of them...I read something in this past weekend's magazine section of the NY says that the show "In Treatment" which i've been viewing faithfully since it started in January! The article stated:

'But are Americans and Israelis watching the same show? Yes, and of course no. "In Treatment" represents an extremely faithful - not to say lazy - nearly word for word adaptation of "Be Tipul". The dialogue on the American show is really little more than a straight translation of the Hebrew. Be Tipul makes clear that "In Treatment" is American only on the surface. Its psyche is entirely Israeli!

So, here i thought i was watching cutting edge cable tv on HBO! Hey, american writers can come up with stories about lets say "Desperate Housewifes" (crap) but not In Treatment??? Shame on you HBO!

Anyway, so tomorrow i will be reaching for the sun...maybe i'll even touch it this time!!!
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