Saturday, March 1, 2008

Do i look fatiqued, pooped out or whacked???

“Talking much about oneself may be a way of hiding oneself”

I was told by somebody special to me that i look extremely tired. "I see it in your eyes Michelle" she said. It struck me as kind of odd. Even though, i usually do feel kind of rundown, i never thought i looked the part!

It makes me wonder, what do others see in me? In my face, my body language, the way i talk or don't talk. Is there something i'm missing about myself? I'd like to think i know me, afterall i should know all about me as a person right? Well, i don't. Not really.

It is remotely possible that it is generally indicative of my personality that I insist that if i look pooped i want to know right away so i can pretty myself up. Maybe, some concealer under my eyes, maybe even heaven forbid, close up computer and hit the sack early!!!

See, i just don't believe it when i personally look in the mirror and stare at what i see! What does tired look like? Am i sick? Do i worry too much? Am i eating enough? (yes no problem there :O)....Maybe, because my mind never really shuts down, it is making my outward appearance seem haggard, whacked, fatigued, maybe even droopy!

So, whats a girl to do? To me, its a lot to think about. I am on a journey right now and when i get where i am going, i guess i will have the answers. For right now, i will accept just the way i am, and strive...always strive to get to the next level!!!
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