Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The super-sweet joy of kissing the sky and touching your toes all at the same time!

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” -- Robert Frost

I haven't talked about what being raw means to me! In one word: freedom! Ok, other words that come to mind...light - love - community - friends - understanding - learning - eating - smiling - bright - interesting - dynamic - tasty - crunchy - sweet - green -.....

It seems that every single day, without fail, i learn something new! Wheter it be a recipe i want to try, a new supplement that was recommended to me, or even a new friend that i meet up with! It's quite incredible!

I've also been ordering lots of interesting stuff online. Just yesterday i received a lbs or organic tahitian vanilla beans that i orderd here: organic vanilla beans They are great! So fragrant and lovely.

I'm very much into goji berries and i love Pure's raw grawnola with almond milk! You can't go wrong with an apple slathered with almond or hemp seed butter! Plus, seeds...hemp, chia and flax! I am a chia convert now so i will not say anything bad about them.

I enjoy spending time at the Union Square Greenmarket!
Union Square Green Market

Tomorrow, i will be shopping at Lifethyme: Lifethyme I have to say i'm pretty psyched about it all! I fear exiting the store with about 6 bags of produce, treats, maybe 1 of each and definitely check out the natural vitamin section.

Thursday, is dinner at Pure! I've only heard great things about this raw food restaurant and it is a great opportunity for me to meet and socialize with other raw foodies! How great is that??? Pure

There's so much more. The list goes on and on and on. See how open those hands are at the top of this post? See the map on those hands? To me, this means that being a raw foodist is an open book! You can taylor it to your needs and wants. If juice feasting is what you need to do, than by all means go for it...If you love chocolate, partake in some raw cacao powder...chocolate pudding perhaps? It's all there right in front of you. I say JUST DO IT! But, only if you really want to!!
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