Friday, March 7, 2008

I must share this.....

There are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet!

Simply put, i met a new friend! I thought there was a complicated explanation but there is none. Think about it, you meet someone. He/she may or may not have similar interests, thoughts, loves, dislikes and if it clicks it clicks!

I am finding as i reach deeper into the raw lifestyle i am finding many many people who have the same core values as myself. For me, its, pray, love...hey thats a book isn't it? It is. But my point is it can be that simple always! Why stress and be unhappy! There is quite literally millions of things to be happy about! Of course, i know we all have "days" but i try to make everyday a "good day"!

So, i met a new friend! I think many of you know of him....checkout his blog here: Raw Model He is quite a guy! Lets see if i can explain. We met at the designated place and he was right on time!!! To the dot! We start walking and talking and immediately i felt at ease! Thats saying a lot because most times i am quite shy!

He was eager to share with me his vast wealth of knowledge about the raw lifestyle and i was like a sponge soaking it all in. He was excited in sharing and in turn i was excited in learning! Have you ever met a new friend like this? He tooke me to a place called live-live Nice place, a bit small and on the expensive side but they have some very interesting products! We looked around a bit, he pointed out stuff and then we left.

So, we decided on lunch at Quintessence I asked him to choose our menu for the day and he did so! We ate the Fofu Moroccan Platter and Italian "sausage" pizza, both of which were excellent! I enjoyed not only the food, but the company as well. I'm still perplexed at how the good folks at Quintessence can make nuts taste like cheese??? This is somthing i am interested learning. I was told a lot of it is experimentation something that Anthony is getting quite good at. He calls it reverse engineering! He says: dont know if those brownies would be worth ordering...maybe once so you can see how they are made and then copy it. Reverse engineering....ha love it!

After lunch, we walked east (i think) but in all honesty i was just following Anthony! It's funny, i've lived in NY all my life but i almost felt like it was my first time seeing the sights! Crazy! Anyway, we walked to Jubbs Longevity. It is a wonderul little spot in the east village! It's basically a "take-out" sort of place but they do have a full menu! Anthony wanted me to try the Anut Salad which had an uncanny taste of tuna! Delicious! I have no clue what it was made out of but it sure tasted good. Oh and i tried for the first time, brazil nut milk! Silky smoothe and quite yummy. 45 minutes later we walked out with some delights. A strawberry parfait, some tarts and a cupcake! Each more delicious than the next. Funny, as i was riding home on the train, i took delight in comsuming the parfait and i swear i felt like all eyes were on me! Jubbs conducts lectures every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm. And the best part, they give free samples! Can't get any better than that, really.

Our day was coming to an end, but it was a really great day! Anthony even made me a CD of various interviews..."Best Day Ever Interviews" David Wolfe, David Jubb and Annie Jubb, Peter Ragnar and Gabriel Cousens, MD! All interesting. I already put it on my ipod for when i run.

So, there you have it! I had to share!!
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