Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lets have a PAR-TAY!!!

Wisdom is, and starts with, the humility to accept the fact that you don’t have all the right answers, and the courage to learn to ask the right questions.-Anonymous

I realize this may be a bit too happy, but i need to stay focused on that thought. There are lots of things happening that would, should and could make me unhappy but i know that that is not the way to go!

Today, dawned cold, nasty and rainy. The perfect day to sleep in and be lazy. As i lay awake in bed, i thought to myself...hey why waste a perfectly amazing day in bed? So, i did what every other respectable human would do, i signed online. Checked email, wrote some comments on friends blogs and then signed off. My eye caught the book Anastasia with my bookmark sticking out. So, i read. I read a lot and i learned a lot!

I am enjoying this series of books very much, even though i am still on book 1. Just so much to absorb and think about. I think i will start carrying around the book in a knapsack so i can read anytime i have a free moment. It is recommended to read these books in a quiet setting away from interferences from artificial noises (motor traffic, radio, tv, household appliances etc) Natural sounds, on the other hand such as the singing of birds, the patter of rain, the rustle of leaves on nearby trees, or my absolute favorite...sitting on a blanket on the beach listening to the sounds of the ocean.

On to other things...its another Saturday night and i am spending it at home. But, you know i simply do not care. I like spending time at home. Its my safe haven, my comfort zone. It's my way of keeping in touch with all of my outrageous CSL friends, my sis, some relatives and it gives me the opportunity to do what i love most. To write.

Writing has become my passion. Somehow, and i do not know if this is a good thing, but somehow i can express myself through my writing so much easier than when i talk outloud. Oh, don't get me wrong, i can hold my own in conversations and i crave intelligent conversations on nearly any subject (except maybe politics).Sorry Brian! But when i write all my feelings and thoughts pour out. I did put forth the idea of possibly writing a book, to my therapist and at the time, she thought it was a terrific idea! So, i'll see. The thing is, i have so many ideas in my head but i need to pick and choose whats most important to me and run with it.

Oooh good news! I am officially co-group leader over at CSL with a very nice woman, Amy! What this basically means is we are in charge of NYC meet-ups, organizing it, picking places and dates, make sure Kris can attend, getting information about restaurants, lots of fun stuff. The way it went down was Kris saying "How about if you and Amy become the group leaders? Simple right? And so it was meant to be!

Now, i am flying high! I just got the ultimate compliment that i'd like to share:


I want to thank you for your amazing input to this community. You're a major part of setting the intention of the site - your posts are thoughtful and cover a wide range of topics, the kind of things that interest all sorts of people. Kris and I enjoy reading your stuff....

Is this cool or what? Nuff said!

Lastly, i'd like to share that at 10PM tonight a major global prayer is going out to my good friend Dee! She means the world to so many of us and i really do think that this prayer will do the trick for Dee! I know i posted this video already but i feel compelled to post it once again. This is one of Dee's favorite songs and a song that many of us will be playing along with our praying tonight! Take a moment to listen to the words!

Falling Slowly

Somehow, music makes everything seem so much better, and a little less scary!
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