Thursday, October 2, 2008

Business as usual...

The Walkmen - In the New Year
I know that it's true
It's gonna be a good year
Out of the darkness
And into the fire
I'll tell you I love you
And my hearts in the strangest place
That's how it started
And that's how it ends

The Walkmen are an indie rock band from New York City. Check them out here my space. You may want to listen to "We've been had" as well.

I have about 2000 thoughts in my under used and abused brain of mine. I say under used because i know i am capable of so much more than what i am thinking right now.

I am posting this in a caffeine induced frenzy. My heart is pounding and my brain is twirling in delight. Laughing at me, i think. Poking fun at the fact that i think i am smart. That i think i am capable of intelligent conversations. I believe i am and can. Or do? Or should? Or will someday!

I am slowly becoming a bit manic. I've been told by quite a few people that i am talking increasingly more and more. Too much they say. Sometimes, i talk and get no answer. Most times i talk to myself. WTF?

Here is what i really do not like about myself and need to work on:
I don't do well dealing the technical support of any kind. I feel that most, if not all, technical support people have absolutely no fucking clue about the product they are technically supporting. This irks me. Believe me, if i did not have to call tech support, i wouldn't but sometimes you just need a bit of help right?? These people, and i use that term lightly, really have no idea what it feels like to wait 30 minutes, on hold just to hear "i need to transfer you to software" this will take about 30 minutes, do you have the time?" Fuck yeah, i love being on hold just to talk to an idiot!!!!

Rant over!

So, October 2, 2008 i believe will go down in history as the best night of television in a very long time. The Biden/Palin debate. This is exciting folks. To me, anyway. In my own demented way, i want to see Palin go down. I want to see her cry like a baby. There are people in foreign countries interested in the American Presidential election of 2008. I really do not know which way the election will go, nor do i really want to discuss all that, but let's just say i am frightened.

Now, inspired by Anthony over at raw model.

Ich werde meinem weg finden...

I am really excited by this: gift economy, i gifted some people a while back and it made me feel amazing. I felt as though i brightened somebody's day and if i made just one other fellow human feel happy, it was so worth it.

I took 6 days off from my favorite morning pursuit. Running. Calf pain. Right leg. I am in need of new running kicks. It's not even a question now, its a necessity. I will slowly kill my legs if i don't wear new kicks soon. My birthday is this month and so i know without a doubt that my sister will be buying me running kicks. It was a subtle suggestion on my part. You know, that subliminal message she hears every time she talks to me. I'm all like "yo sista, i need running kicks, like NOW"...She's all like "what the fuck are running kicks, sista?"....then i'm all like, "yo sista, just get me a size 7 please and make sure it's a color i love"....after thinking a few seconds, the light bulb in her brain appears to have been turned on and she says "make sure they are under $100". We'll see.

APPLE PICKING!!! YO!!! I AM!! POSSIBLY THIS WEEKEND!!! Remember, Halloween is coming. I know what/who i am going to dress up as. Do you???

Stretching herself too thin, She breaks her connection
Staying too busy, She has no time
Doing for others, She neglects herself
Defining herself only through others, She loses her own definition
The wise women waters her own garden first!

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