Sunday, October 12, 2008

Incurable Insomniac.....

"Dwelling on the negative simply contributes to its power."
Shirley MacLaine

There is something odd happening to me. I am becoming increasingly "over stimulated" I didn’t keep my plans today because even with the day off yesterday, I am still feeling very tired and overstimulated and overfed and oversocialized and generally saturated with sensory input of all kinds. It’s a great weekend, but it’s a lot to take in, and I think I need to stare into space for awhile. Or cry. Maybe I’ll do a puzzle from Crossword Puzzles to Soothe Your Soul.

I twitter, i facebook, i write in 2 blogs, i am currently writing reviews for 2 products i have been using. It's just getting to be too much for me. Definitely, fucking sensory overload. Two ipods are charging as i type and my garmin gps watch is as well.

I run. Way to much and everyday. I put it out there into the universe that i plan on picking a marathon to participate in next year around this time. Not sure if it will be NYC or some smaller more obscure race that can include a long touristy weekend. If i was 20 years younger i would choose two marathons to do in 2009. Sagging boobs and a semi sagging belly tell me otherwise.

It's not like i didn't have a great time yesterday. I did. I participated in the annual fall ritual of going apple/pumpkin picking out in the boondocks of New Jersey! It rocked. I was able to breathe fresh air while my nose was revolting and telling me there was some sort of allergen invading and tickling my nose hairs. That was odd.

This curious fellow kinda freaked me out at first. I wasn't and still am not sure what it is. I am guessing some sort of goat/sheep??? I don't do well with these sort of creatures. They want to be fed and will use any method to get their tongue on a piece of corn. I'm painfully aware of my city like demeanor and i am quite sure that curious fellow tuned into that and tried to tongue me. Nuff said.

The pumpkins were out in full force enabling me to pick four that i deemed appropriate for my Brooklyn apartment. I will in all likelihood attempt to prepare some sort of edible creation with at least one of the pumpkins i so carefully picked. The others are already designated as presents to some worthy recipients.

The apples were nice. Not great. Nice. Hard and crisp just like i like them. Again, some will be given away in an attempt to ensure the health of those i love. An apple a day you know??

From there, to mexican food. Good company, good food and a nice mexican beer called Negra Modelo certainly hit the spot after a day of picking and being licked. I don't drink much, in fact hardly ever but that beer really felt like a familiar friend after a day of work. You would think i would have had a calm mind. I didn't and still do not. Just gonna say this it had the smell of malts with a hint of coffee and coca.

It's starting to infuriate me, make me anxious and uncertain where my mind is going. Which brings me to the title of this post. Am i really someone who cannot be cured of the dreaded insomnia? Will this go on indefinitely? I'm not certain although it needs to be addressed. Sleep, rest, slumber, man what i wouldn't give for 3 hours of pure uninterrupted sleep. Just me and my blanky. Nothing more or less. Perhaps a cup of green tea and a cookie? Not sure really. I just know that i am beyond the point of slowing down. I'm working on it though so no worries here!

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that IASIP is one of, if not THE funniest show on TV today. Cracks me up every single time without fail. For example, this past weeks episode was essentially about pooping in bed and trying to discover who's poop it is complete with actual poop shown. Brilliant!!!

Here is the brilliance behind the poop!!!

Need i say more? It's poop and i love it. Overstimulated huh? You bet i am!!!

I like this:
Wouldn’t it be great if people could get to live suddenly as often as they die suddenly?

-Katherine Hepburn

Thanks Gazelle!!!

Countdown to Halloween: 19 days
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