Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Am A Charm School Reject......

The Killers - Human
Are we human?
Or are we dancer?
My sign is vital
My hands are cold
And I'm on my knees
Looking for the answer
Are we human?
Or are we dancer?

The Killers are an American rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Formed in 2002, the group consists of Brandon Flowers (vocals, keyboards), Dave Keuning (guitar, vocals), Mark Stoermer (bass guitar, vocals) and Ronnie Vannucci Jr., (percussion, drums).
The Killers are one of my favorite bands. I highly urge you to check them out here my space. The band's most recent work is their third album, Day & Age, which has been produced by Stuart Price and is due to be released in late November 2008. Get it, it's good stuff.

I'm feeling really emo today and let me tell you why. You think you know people. You think you understand the ways of the world and everything that goes on in it. Well, at least thats what i thought. But, something happened today that threw that theory right out into the garbage. So, i was told, because of the use of vulgar language on MY blog, i do not possess what i think is the word, decency. WTF??? I have integrity, i am kind and i am accepting of everybody!

I do not care what religion you are, what color you are, what sex you are, what you look like...i do not care! What i do care about is your character. So check this out:

Moral character or character is an evaluation of a particular individual's moral qualities. The concept of character can imply a variety of attributes including the existence or lack of virtues such as integrity, courage, fortitude, honesty, and loyalty, or of good behaviors or habits. When someone is a moral character, it is primarily referring to the assemblage of qualities that distinguish one individual from another. Psychologist Lawrence Pervin defines moral character as "a disposition to behave expressing itself in consistent patterns of functioning across a range of situations"

This, my friends, describes each and every one of you. You have character. Moral or otherwise. You are funny and fun to be around. You do not censor my "words". I do not censor yours. It's that simple. It's also simple to not click on my blog if you get offended at something i wrote. It's certainly your prerogative and/or privilege to simply stay away. So, far though i have had no complaints...or have i?

I was censored. Not here, never here. But, someplace where i thought i was accepted. Now i know i am not. I was censored. Can you imagine that??? This is the US of A isn't it? Don't we have the right to say what we want?? Write what we want?? Or do we? I'm really confused about that right now. It's just really appalling how people judge others by what they write. It's also appalling to be requested to "change" because its the right thing to do.

Can someone explain that to me?? I am ignorant as to what that even means. I am flabbergasted. How can this be in the year 2008? I have friends from every single nationality. I love them all because of who they are. Good, decent, caring people. I would never tell anybody what words to use or not use. NOT EVER!!! Get that??? Hear that???

Hey, i'm a runner. Do you want to know what i think when i am having a particularly hard run...i think "FUCK I"M GOING TO GET THROUGH THIS RUN"....Yeah so? So what?? I just shared a private thought with you all. I wonder, are you all in shock now??? No not you, my readers. You get me. You know me. You don't like it, you leave. Simple.

You know in another 3 weeks we will have a new commander in chief. Do i shout out my political beliefs here. Sure, sometimes and nobody ever complained or told me to "change". I was and am respected here. I am respected IRL too. What is blogging???

To me, to blog is to keep an ongoing diary or commentary I take pride in my blog even if my blog is never read by anyone but me. My blog has become more than just a way to communicate, i consider myself a writer. Snicker if you must, but i am a writer gosh darn it.

Also, i am inspired by getting to read all of your incredible blogs. Utz potato chips and It's always sunny in Philadelphia and all kinds of shit i have discovered right here. Music and love and food and a sweet person from Poland. All here!! Integrity and love for a grandfather and the joys of pillow fights. Right here!!! Keeping an open mind! Here too!! I do not live in a cocoon, i live in the real world where shit happens. I have responsibilities. I have an ill mother to care for and i do! People here show me respect and love. You don't like my music, all the more power to you to tell me so, but never tell me not to listen to what i like OK???

Please, just don't OK!!! Not tonight!

So i want to leave you all with this! Hahaha! Ever flick through a dictionary looking for rude words? Sad!!. (Yeah, me too.) Well flick no more, for in the Age of the ’InterWeb Wiktionary has a special category just for you!

All together now: “Isn’t the Internet WONDERFUL!?”

Countdown to Halloween - 13 days
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