Tuesday, October 28, 2008

VOODOO and 6 Things

Godsmack - VOODOO!!!
I'm not the one who's so far away
When I feel the snake bite enter my veins.
Never did I wanna be here again,
And I don't remember why I came.

Candles raise my desire,
Why I'm so far away.
No more meaning to my life,
No more reason to stay.

Freezing, feeling,
Breathe in, breathe in...
I'm coming back again...

Guess what folks? It is MEME time!! This is a MEME sent to me by thatblueyak or as i like to call him Dr. Z. The following are the instructions followed by my MEME.

The purpose is to share 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about your self.

1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6. Let your tagged peops know once your entry is UP.

Now mind you 6 non-important things about ones self is kind of hard if your an ego maniac that thinks the world revolves around you and you are perfect. That said, i had a hard time doing this!!!

1) When i am running all alone and have my ipod blasting in my ear, i sing. Out loud. Loud!! I think nobody hears me, but then i hear the dogs howling and i see other runners screaming and holding their ears wondering where that "noise" is coming from!

2) I am not able to do subtraction problems on paper. Seriously, i think i never learned how to subtract. Perhaps, i was absent for that lesson in school? Without my calculator i am lost. My check book is never right because i cannot subtract. What do you do, carry the one or something??

3) I am often weak when it comes to resisting something sweet to put in my mouth. Could be anything really. A chocolate dipped pen...ooops i mean pretzel. You know, perhaps a banana dipped in sprinkles then coated with brown sugar and white sugar, then double dipped in dark chocolate and white chocolate too. Then that banana coated with a second banana and milk chocolate. Makes sense doesn't it?

4) I am a sucker for fashion. I like to look put together and cool. Well, i am cool at all times but i need to feel the coolness in what i am wearing. Sometimes i try to walk cool. Like a cool swagger with the hips. Maybe a little boob action sway. You can never be too cool in my book!

5) I like to sleep naked.

6) I LOVE LOVE LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! This is my favorite time of year and favorite holiday!! Everything is orange. ORANGE folks. Just today, i wore an orange long sleeved shirt to run my 5 miles. Fucking cool!!

Now, i have decided to TAG everybody!! I really think you should all do this MEME! It's fun. I was struggling with what to write because there is just not too many non-important things about me. Everything about me is important. But, more importantly today i need to make a very important decision.

It has been keeping me up at night. What color?? Yeah, what color shall i have on my nails today? Orange? Blue? I am soooo confused!

I want to thank you all so much for your amazing birthday wishes yesterday. There is an amazing camaraderie that is happening here. I love you guys and you know who you are so i don't have to list names. One bit of interest: I share my birthday with boxer shorts. They turned 93 years old yesterday! Yep, how cool is that?

So, voodoo! I love me some voodoo, spirits, black magic, white magic, witchcraft, warlocks, zombies, even some gray magic. HAHA!!! So, what? It's all good in a creepy sort of way! It's fucking Halloween folks.

One need not be a chamber to be haunted;
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing
Material place.
~Emily Dickinson

'Tis now the very witching time of night, When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world.
- - -William Shakespeare

Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.
Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girls

Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder's fork, and blind-worm's
sting, Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth
boil and bubble.
- - -William Shakespeare (a quote from "Macbeth")

Countdown to Halloween - 3 days

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