Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Abnormally Attracted To Sin..

Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted To Sin

I'm a Tori fan, what can I say!

Yes, I am abnormally attracted to lots of things. Sin, is not one of them though. I mean if using the word "fuck" in a sentence or two is a sin, then I am a sinner. If not, than I am perfect!

I've been twittering a lot lately. It's kinda cool because I met a lot of runners from different states and not only are they runners, which makes them cool by default, but they are also really nice people. I sure could use a dose of nice people. I am not sure what attracts me to nice people. Anyway, twitter has afforded me that luxury.

But, running has afforded me the luxury of my dose of niceness. Runners are almost too nice. Too supportive. Too RAH RAH YOU ROCK! Your 3 second run was da bomb. Your a really really good runner!! WOO!!! And all that shit. I love it. I eat that up with my morning oatmeal.

Simple isn't it?

Anyway, there is this runner dude. His name is TED. It is hard to describe him. He is a really real runner. He loves it and it feeds his soul. He really needs to run to make his day and to make him sane. In a good way. He is giving and more giving. He is always there for me, NO.MATTER.WHAT! He spends countless hours helping me. He is always in this great mood and makes me laugh every single day. He has two beautiful daughters and a great wife. He is running the Vermont City Marathon this coming Sunday. AND 1 week later TED is coming to Brooklyn to run the Half Marathon with me. He is willing to do this because this is who he is. A runner and a friend. He is going to make sure I finish that fucking thing. He is sticking by my side for the entire race 1 week after running a marathon. I feel happy just to have TED in my world.

I simply cannot be around negativity. I can't. I don't want to. And I have the right to choose don't I? If I lose, I lose. But I would rather be alone and happy then all around the negative shit. It just won't fly in my world. At least right now it won't.

Summertime is here. It really makes me feel rejuvenated!

Life Password
The password that you use for every website, email account, facebook, twitter, everything. Having a 'life password' is not a good idea, but everyone does it.

But, thats not what Life Password means to me. To me, it means just fucking live life. You are given 1 password, use it wisely.

Does anybody want to share their passwords with me? I would but then I would have many more followers and lovers of raw cool and I just can't handle that right now! Yes, I am that stunning and hard to resist!!! I was called cute by somebody once. Well, a few times but yeah thats another story.

I am fascinated with you but I am having a hard time keeping up. My blog reading has really fallen by the wayside. My bad and I am sorry. I think of you all often and love you hard. ALL.OF.YOU!

Today's Run - 4 miles 41.48 Last mile 9.45.
Life is only a one lap race!

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