Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Finally Found The Words...

Save the words They even talk to you!!! Thats a link there, click on it NOW!!!

Aporrhoea - A bodily emanation, body odour
Umm, Sometimes....I am a runner for goodness sakes PLUS its warm out. DUH!!!

I adopted that word. It is mine now. I will give it a good home and plenty to eat. I'm just saying.

I think we all need to save the words. It's really our civic duty. It's our duty folks. Our poop so to speak. Adopt a word if you can. Of course, If funds are low - then I suggest you wait. Don't just adopt willy nilly. The words deserve better.

I was lost this week. I think I found my way back.

1) Pound sign of affection between men (I have no idea what this even means)
2) Big little fucker girl always black cook (I am sure I saw cook, not co-k)
3) Limp bizkit gonna rip someones head off (Ok Limp bizkit, I get this one)
4) I'm shit (Am I - Are you?)
5) Vaginal tearing in missionary position (OUCH!!!!)
6) Cool orgasms (Yeah, now your talking)
7) Come on get higher what does it mean? (If you have to ask???)
8) Drive me baby, i'm the shit, i'm the shit (I am not, I am not!!)
9) Got a chainsaw gonna rip your ass raw (PLEASE NO!!!)
10) Michelle needs food (TRUE - TRUE - TRUE)
11) Raw models peeing (I SWEAR)

Ok, I am truly troubled right now. I clicked on trusty google analytics - then I clicked on keywords. Then I looked. Now I am troubled. Up above is 10 keywords that jumped out at me. Oh, there are many many more but WTF??

When somebody types into google I'm shit they then see my blog. I am troubled. Now I wonder if I should change the name of my blog from RAW COOL to something like Mary had a little lamb. Nice and benign and innocent sounding.

Yeah, right. If I did that:
1) Mary having a cool orgasm
2) Mary needs food
3) Mary is shit
4) Did Mary tear her vaginal opening in missionary position?
5) Mary and the chainsaw
6) Mary the big little fucker girlie
7) Drive Mary she is the shit
8) Is Mary getting higher and what does that even mean?
9) Mary the raw model peeing.
10) Mary had a little lamb???

It is pretty disturbing to see what people search for on google. It's not like I would ever even do that!! I search important things like:
1) Can I run with a fractured toe and shin?
2) Does this shirt make my ass look fat?
3) Does peanut butter go with a salad?
4) Do I smell?
5) Am I as stunning as I know I am?
6) Can I run naked in the summertime?
7) Am I a dork if I like to watch American Idol?
8) Will I develop acne from too much twittering?
9) Can I run while eating a pizza?
10) WWLLD?

Ok, then.

In my friends words; An enchanted forest in the middle of the city. Can you guess where those photos were taken?

Sometimes, the only thing you know for certain is what you don't want. Yet often, Michelle, that's enough to go on.
10-4 Good buddy,
The Universe

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

10-4 my good buddies!!!!

Here's the 10-5 good buddies:
My TOE is practically healed. When I say practically I mean almost. Not quite 100% and probably never will be. Thats cool by me.
My SHIN: There is thickening of the shin bone. Very common in runners, my doctor said. I asked him straight out:
Doc can I run the half marathon. I won't tell you what he answered. Just know this. I will be running Brooklyn Half Marathon in 2 weeks. I am working on a plan to heal up my shin splints.

That is all. shut it down!
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