Friday, May 1, 2009

Brooklyn Girl Asks You To Stand By Her....

When your peeps ask you what you do all day, every day, Michelle, you do tell them, "Whatever I want." Right?

Because you do.
Peeps beware,
The Universe

Let's talk running shall we?

So. last night I met up with my friend Samantha for 2 loops in Prospect Park. Now, let me just explain that Prospect Park is the highest point in Brooklyn and it is an extremely hilly run. That said, I sucked the run.

Samantha and I talked before we started that we wanted/needed to complete 2 loops 6.6 miles without stopping. So, we needed to keep the pace and just keep moving. Easy right? NOT!!

We both completed 1 loop fine. I was hurting both physically and mentally. No not my toe. That is fine and perfect. It's my shin. My right shin is killing me. Then mentally after that 1st loop I felt as though I could not run another step. I wanted to bad but I couldn't. FUCK!

I urged Samantha on and said "get it done girlie". She was looking great and totally had it in her to finish the job.

I was a little concerned about being alone because its a big park and one wrong turn would be a disaster for me. I walked and waked and then I thought perhaps I should start walking faster and run? I started running really slow and thought I could keep this slow pace and get the 2nd loop done. After 20 min of slow running and with a big hill looming, once again I had to stop and once again walk.

It was getting dark too. Luckily, there were others in my predicament. Slow going. 2nd loop I ran for 30 minutes and walked the rest. 1st loop done in about 35.58.

I have no excuses nor do I want to make excuses. I am just writing it as it happened.

Samantha got it done. She really made me proud. Her will to run 2 loops without stopping was stronger than mine I guess.

Also, my garmin GPS was fucking with me. Or better yet, I was fucking with it. I had inadvertently shut off the GPS on my garmin so the darn thing was not calculating my mileage. Just the time. In a way, its a lost run. In my mind and on my garmin.

So, I say on to bigger and better runs. I chalk this up to a lot of things and nothing at all.

I kinda need you guys. Can you stand by me? Just for a little while anyway?

“Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
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