Monday, November 10, 2008

Cheap And Cheerful...

The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful
I want you to be crazy
'Cause you're boring baby when you're straight
I want you to be crazy
'Cause you're stupid baby when you're sane
Not that much to say, if you want to listen go here my space. I like them! Nuff said.

Glass half full of poop!! Simply not acceptable.

Between a rock and a hard place!! Again, simply not acceptable.

Why can't i just be. Not between anything. Just be. Ok, i can be. I will be. I am. HAHA!!! Folks, I'm actually doing just fine. I know i shouldn't question every little thing. I just love that i am interested in questioning every single thing. I like being inquisitive.

I bet you are all being inquisitive and wondering why the fuck i posted a photo of wonder woman right? Or is that super woman? I have no clue really. I had this really great paragraph written to go along with Ms super up there and somehow, perhaps no fault of blogger, it is gone. Can't find it anywhere. I am going to chalk this up to being one of the mysteries of the internet and leave it at that. Just know it was brilliant.

Friends, you know who you are, i'm here for you!!! But, perhaps tomorrow??? Nah, i am here always....remember that!!!
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