Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Raw not War...

Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar
I got a thing for Milano, Biscotti Italianos
And I never turn down some Oreos if you got those
Butter Pecan Puerto Rican,
Or them Oatmeal Raisin Asians.
Hazelnut Brazilians,
Macadamia Caucasians,
Double stuffed or thin mint
It don't matter you gettin' it
Cos I got a sweet tooth that'll never come loose
And the fact of the matter is.
Gym Class Heroes are an American alternative hip hop/indie band from Geneva, New York. Why don't you check em out right here myspace. I wonder though, when they say they can't keep their hands out of the cookie jar...are they talking about cookies??

It has occurred to me recently that i have not, for the longest time now talked raw. Not to worry, i don't mean raw as in porn or nakie photos. Folks, after all i am raw cool. I used to be 100% raw. Now, not so much. I don't really feel badly about that fact. I just want to think about how far i veered off course and why.

So, this post is inspired by my running friend over at gazellesoncrack. Run to her blog. She provides me with my weekly porn every wednesday. It's great stuff. So, anyway she wrote an amazing post on November 10th called Before and After. Check it out and leave her nice comments please.

So, i started thinking about my before and after. I have tons of photos of myself "after". But, before??? NADA!! I totally hated the way i looked in every single photo so i destroyed them all.

Becoming raw was a revelation. Firstly, i met so many wonderful people. Made amazing friends. Raw people are really where its at. I learned tons. I ate hemp seeds. WTF? I had no clue what they were and i still have no clue what they are. I just know i like them. Then i met this guy rawmodel, yeah i know...swoon!!! He is so totally down to earth and helpful. A special person indeed. If you are interested in going raw or learning about raw, read his blog. It's very inspiring.

Of course, then i had to try some raw restaurants. Yeah, i know what your all thinking....WTF is wrong with this girl??

Try this place if your ever in Manhattan Pure Food and Wine. It's good folks. Raw lasagna. Don't ask me to explain, but lets just say there is no pasta in the raw lasagna. Still, it was delicious.

So, last year November 07 i started out 30lbs heavier than i am right now. No, make that 32lbs heavier. Yeah, i was chunky. I juiced, i green smoothies, i did it all.

Then, i rediscovered my running. My running, as if i own it. I do. It is mine and only mine. Anyway, so i figured hey i'm running, it wouldn't kill me to have some like real pasta would it? It didn't. A bowl of icecream here and then some dare i say it, cookies there and i was on my way to being cooked. Yikes!

Fast forward to today. I am cooked. No question about it. I've gotten flack from both sides of the raw/cooked world. To each their own i suppose. Eating raw is wonderful. It makes one feel light, energetic, healthy and very green. And the raw food movement is really moving. Just today, i was at Whole Foods perusing the ready made salads and stuff and i saw a big sign with the words "RAW" on it. I ran over gleefully and there were 3 raw dishes. Raw lasagna and 2 others that for some reason has flew out of my head. It was nice to see, actually.

More fast forwarding, i am a runner. It's who i am. I love it so. I also eat cooked food. Yikes. i am a runner, who eats. How very trendy. How very 2008! Can you even accept me?? A runner who eats? So i eat very healthy. No meat, no chicken. Fish and lots of it. Sushi too!! My favorite. How can i deny myself

So, i apologize for not having any before photos to show you. I just don't. I have lots of after photos. I've posted some here. If you'd like to see more, just ask. I can do a whole post of photos of me. Yeah, i am that egotistical. Me, me me!!

Oh and one more thing. G-Star rocks.

"Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like
and let the food fight it out inside."

-- Mark Twain

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