Monday, November 3, 2008

The Polls Are Open....Almost....

I believe tomorrow November 4th 2008 is some sort of special day. Or is it?

Yes, its the time (finally) that we all get to exercise our very rights as a United States citizen to vote for our next President. We get to walk into an old fashioned machine and click that lever. It just takes one click. Thats it.

Then on Wednesday, November 5th 2008 we, the United States will have a brand new spankin commander in chief. It is really so simple, yet so profound.

I cannot tell you the amount of time i spent running and discussing. Sometimes to the point of arguing. It's all cool though, because respect is the word of the day. Let's try to do that tomorrow.

I am working the polls tomorrow. I will enter the room at 5am to set up. Get that old fashioned machine ready for the day ahead. Then at 6am they will come. And come and come. I hope.

I will be there to document it all in my mind. I may take photos for this Polling Place Photo Project. Perhaps. I usually have my camera with me anyway. Although, i am working so i don't want to spend too much time focusing on taking photos.

I am also here to tell you that i respect you all and your choice of who you may vote for. Please, respect me too. Thats all i ask.

Let's rock the vote! Is there any other way??

I'll leave you with this, because...gosh darn it, it is a favorite of mine:

Be the change that you want to see in the world.
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