Sunday, November 2, 2008

Perfection....2008 NYC Marathon....

Let's go running!!!

There is something extremely magical about running a marathon. It's not so much the time you take to complete the race, as is all the months of hard work that goes into it.

Everything seems so spectacular on Marathon Sunday!! The weather is always stellar and there is excitement in the air. Many people stroll across the finish line in Central Park just to feel it. And you do feel something. You think "I can do that"! You think, next year is my year.

There are so many visuals to the NYC Marathon. From the unbelievable man running with a prosthetic leg to an 85 year old woman sweetly crossing the finish line! You see a man in a specially made wheel chair zipping by. Real fast too. You may see lots of people walking. Don't worry, they are just taking a break for a while. They will run again.

One memory i have from my 1991 NYC marathon is entering The Bronx. A young child of no more than 7 or 8 years old was handing out lovely candies. He was urging us runners to partake in the candy because "it will give you energy like superman". You best believe i took that candy and for the last 6 miles i was "superman".

This is my 170th post. I do not know why this holds significance. But, somehow, to me it does. On January 28, 2008 i asked the question "Does anyone even read my blog"? Guess i have an answer today.

So, lets all cheer on the runners. Some are running a marathon for the very first time. A marathon virgin if you will. My friend Laura, who is an amazing marathoner in her own right put this quote on her blog! I think it pretty much says it all:

"Run the first 10 miles with your head, the next 10 with your legs, and the last 6.2 with your heart."

Great right?

This woman, next year, NYC Marathon 2009!!! SWEET!
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