Thursday, November 6, 2008

Isn't It Cool? Isn't It Odd? Yes Indeed!!!

The Killers - Spaceman
The song maker says, "It ain't so bad"
The dream maker's going make you mad
The spaceman says, "Everybody look down!
Its all in your mind!"

You all know about my girl crush on Brandon Flowers. I am looking forward to purchasing their new CD called Day and Age on November 24th.

So, post election. I am pretty sure you've read it all so i think i will go on to bigger things. Notice that i didn't say better. Just bigger! Oh and different.

Change and hope are big buzz words now. I think change is great. I don't know about you guys, but i change my screen saver and desk top photo once a week. Usually, its a photo of me on my desktop, but occasionally i will go with a food that i am enamored with or craving. I also tend to change my underware daily. This makes life interesting. Should i go with the bikini or grandma panties today?? Variety is the spice of life right??

Today, on my running friends blog, Marcy she posted a video that i feel compelled to post here. It was creepy and strange and odd all at the same time. It needs to be posted. I need to understand what he was thinking.

So, you all remember Steve Guttenberg right?? The washed up actor who had some movie "exposure" in the 80's i think?? (pun intended) So, he runs half nude. WTF??? I am usually not surprised by what people do, but for some reason this strikes me as so odd. Take a look:

Now, tell me what is up with this man?? Why in the world would he do this? Isn't running half nude all kinds of illegal? What if a bunch of young girls were walking by, wouldn't that sort of be sort of sex offender behavior. Sort of?? In a very out there sort of kinda way???

Don't get me wrong, i am no prude and if running nude were legal i would probably do it in the heat of summer 95 degrees, and i am using the word probably very loosely. It would of course depend on how good or bad my hair looked that day! Then, when the guy asked him where his pants are he sort of grinned and said he had to go!!! ODD!!!

Odd things happen all the time though don't they? Obama was elected wasn't he? Isn't that ODD??? NOT!!! Sorry, i know i said no politics but hey that in itself is ODD!!!

So, the oddities of life huh?? Guess i have to accept and move on. View these oddities through rose colored glasses. if someone thinks about or looks at something with rose-coloured glasses, they think it is more pleasant than it really is. So, Steve's bum is way more pleasant than i think it is right?? And when he bends over to stretch, oh yeah pleasant!!!

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.
Barack Obama

Yes, i know i said i wouldn't but i can't help myself.

I just want to share something. Working the polls was great. There was a young boy that came in with his mom. I know his mom, she is cool. Leo, the young boy asked very politely if he could go into the voting booth with his mom. Sure Leo, i said. They went in, did their thing and came out. Leo came over to me and said "Hey look at this, i am reading a book about Abraham Lincoln and he was a president. Now we are voting for a president. Isn't that funny and cool?"

Cool indeed Leo!! Cool indeed!
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