Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just A Doggie I Know....

Pelle Carlberg - I Love You, You Imbecile

I love the way you talkI love the way you stalk
me with your mobile phone
I love the way you smile
The way you're juvenile
I love the way you moan
I can live with vanity and puns
and the morning temper runs
I can live with all your downsides
I can live with you (?)
All I want, all I need
All I want is you
I can live with all the stupid things you do.
I love the way you dress
the way you make a mess
and that you're always late
I love the way you smell
and I can always tell
when you exaggerate
I can live with vanity and puns
and the morning temper runs
I can live with all your downsides
I can live with you...

I know, I've been absent from my blog for a few days. It's Sunday and I am spending the afternoon in my local Starbucks, drinking a grande iced skinny vanilla latte and staring at the cute boy sitting opposite me. We had some eye contact and then I asked him to guard my computer when I went to pee pee. Guess, that put the kabosh on the whole affair huh?


To end; to terminate; to put an end to something to kill off in a nonbiological sense; kind of like squashing from a position of strength and with moral certitude; to basically reverse a decision or situation with conviction. A word I thought existed in the english language. One I have used many years thinking all know it well. I was amazed to not find it in the dictionary!
He realized it was a bad decision to proceed with talking to raw cool so he put the kabosh on the deal.

Or is it KIBOSH?

stop from happening or developing

I've had a bit of a mentally challenging few days. In life, in running, in my world. My head is spinning and it hurts. Not literally.

I love you, you Imbecile yes all of you. And when I say Imbecile I mean it in the most endearing beautiful way.

I am just fucked up these days because I lack confidence in the things I hold dear to me. And, I know I will get some comments saying raw cool, you rock. Your the best. We love you. But sometimes, I just want to be told that it is ok to feel sucky. To feel a bit of pessimism.

I've been a sounding board for a friend going through a stupid break-up. I was her therapist/friend/enemy and I heard it all damn weekend. She is also using my computer daily to check her emails because her "computer" is in the shop. She is sitting here right now, asking me question after question about facebook. WTF?? Yes, I am home now after my quiet Starbucks and chinese food with mom.

I'm loosing it. Not to worry, I will find it - I always do.

Good stuff is happening as soon as she departs.

My next post will be so much better. Or worse. It depends. I think I want icecream now.

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.

Just a doggie I know!!!
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