Saturday, April 4, 2009

My ADD Sunday Post...

I am officially in love with Padma! She is hotness personified.

I would like to reiterate if I hadn't already, that I do not eat meat. Well, burgers at least!!

And that brings me to the

Girl Crush:
an overwhelming sense of awe felt by a girl for another girl elicited by varying causes ranging from deep respect to unadulterated lust. may result in the any or all of the following: general euphoria, prolonged sense of inspiration, desire for intellectual-intercouse with crush, simple sexual arousal, etc
Padma is smokin hot in that commercial i am completely amazed at what she is capable of. she is my new girl crush!!

The woman's long black hair whipped across her pale face as she danced to punk rock at the bar. She seemed to be the life of the party. Little did she know that she was igniting a girl crush. I was watching, and I was smitten.

I tend to get smitten fast and hard. I don't mind though. My latest girl crush, besides Padma is somebody I know who is a super ass runner. Like fast and smooth and graceful. Unlike me, who looks as though any second I will fall upon my big ass ass.

"I'm immediately nervous around her, I stammer and stutter while trying to keep up. it's definitely because I think she's supercool."

I guess its a girl crush.
It is a phrase that many women in their 20's and 30's use in conversation, post on blogs and read in magazines. It refers to that fervent infatuation that one heterosexual woman develops for another woman who may seem impossibly sophisticated, gifted, beautiful or accomplished. And while a girl crush is, by its informal definition, not sexual in nature, the feelings that it triggers - excitement, nervousness, a sense of novelty - are very much like those that accompany a new romance.

This is not a new phenomenon. Women, especially young women, have always had such feelings of adoration for each other. Social scientists suspect such emotions are part of women's nature, feelings that evolution may have favored because they helped women bond with one another and work cooperatively. What's new is the current generation's willingness to express their ardor frankly.

I remember very vividly how I used to have these totally arbitrary crushes on my female teachers. Just because they were all knowing, all seeing, all that.

I also have girlie crushes on all my fav female bloggers. And as Diane over at
dianesaddledramblings says in a totally non-gay way. Just love you all so darn much.

Let's hug it out bitches!!

Speaking of love. I have fallen in love with running all over again. I have zero TOE pain. ZERO-ZILCH-NADA! I had a really special run today. I ran with 4 people whom I know for the last 20 years or so. And in all those years, they never stopped running unless of course they were injured. It is just an amazing camaraderie that has been held steadfast for 20 years. The pediatrician is part of this illustrious group.

Here is the problem I am having with my running. I don't want to just "run". I want it to mean something. I want to "train" when I need to. I want to back off when I should. I don't want to run too many "junk" miles just to say I did it. It is a conundrum for me. A problem I never really truly tried to solve.

I am planning on running some races. I want each run to mean something. A friend said this to me today:
Instead of focusing on the big picture -- 2009 -- maybe you should just focus on things one month at a time. For this month, just set a goal; when May gets close, set a goal based on increasing mileage from April. If you're really focused on the whole year, wait to see how April goes with your mileage and then try to set a goal that's comfortable for you based on that.

He is so right on. Why focus on the entire year? That is enough to drive any runner to drink (gatorade of course). So, one month at a time it is. No pressure.

I plan on running a 10K May 16th then a Half Marathon May 30th. I also have an idea in my head to perhaps run a marathon in October or November. NYC ideally. If not NYC then perhaps Philly or DC? These are the thoughts running through my head. My newly old runners head.
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