Thursday, April 2, 2009

There's Always A Way Out..

Man ASS!! Beware!!

So, today was a great day. Well, my new mantra, if you will is, everyday that I run is a great day! Do any of you have mantras that you recite through out the day to get you through the day?

MILE PACE (MIN/MILE) SPEED (MPH) ELEVATION 4 miles 40.58 10.15 min/mile 477 calories burned.

1 10' 16 +0' 01 5.8 -0.0 0 ft
2 11' 01 +0' 46 5.4 -0.4 0 ft
3 10' 39 +0' 24 5.6 -0.2 +3 ft
end 9' 09 -1' 06 6.5 +0.7 -4 ft

There is always a way out! Thats a pretty good one too! I am all about the fun lately! Laughing is the best therapy.

From Wikipedia:
Laughter is an audible expression or appearance of happiness or happiness, or an inward feeling of joy and orgasmic stimulation (laughing on the inside). It may ensue (as a physiological reaction) from jokes, tickling, and other stimuli.
Laughter is a part of human behaviour regulated by the brain. Helping humans clarify their intentions in social interaction and providing an emotional context to conversations.

Raju Mandhyan states "The physical and psychological benefits of laughter come second only to the physical and psychological benefits of sex."

Doctors are of opinion that laughing brings about the secretion of endorphins into blood. More than that, it is known that laughing is a strong muscle-relaxing method, which also relieves pain.
Laughter can also be called "inner jogging", because similar to morning jogging, the blood pressure increases and then it gradually lowers till it gets lower than the initial blood pressure. 

Laughter is considered to be a method of fighting stress  
Greek researchers have found through an experiment that 10–15 minutes of laughing burn from 10 to 40 calories, which leads to a weight loss of almost 4.5 lb 

I was also told just today that if your angry and you force yourself to smile, you will cease being angry. You will be happy, just by smiling and perhaps giggling.

You don't even have to go running like I do. You just have to fucking laugh. Not only will you feel better, but you can burn 40 calories. JUST.BY.LAUGHING!

What makes you laugh? Funny videos? People slipping on a banana peel? 30 Rock? The Office? What? Tell me!!

I laugh A LOT!! At almost everything. A funny blog post, I am cracking up OUT LOUD!! Funny jokes? I am all over it! I even laughed at my broken TOE! For like a second. Then I cried. For 10 weeks!!!

Sure, there are things I do not laugh at. Forgive me, I cannot think of anything at the moment. It will come to me though. Probably at 3am.

The Universe told me today:
When you visualize a great dream of yours coming true, Michelle, what do you imagine?

Do you see yourself jumping up and down, doing the happy dance, looking to the sky, and shrieking, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"? Can you feel the skin on your face stretch as you smile from ear to ear, or the palm of your hands sting as you slap more high-fives? Can you feel the phone in your hand as you dial your best friends?
Yeah, I think you should.

"Very should,"
The Universe

Also, I will be doing a review of POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice. The good folks there were very generous to send me a care package to taste and review. All I will say is YUMMO!!! Makes a nice cocktail!

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”
Karen Ravn

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