Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Pom pom-pom, pom pom-pom (ping) (repeat)
(A Capella)

Friends sing together
La La La La
Friends do things together
La La La La
Friends laugh together
Ha Ha Ha Ha
Friends make graphs together
La La La La

Friends help you when you're in danger
Friends are people who are not strangers
Friends help you shift into a new place
Tell you if you've got food on you're face

Friends are the ones, on who you can depend
He's my friend, He's not my friend
Friends are the ones who are there at the end
He's my friend, They're not my friends

If you trip over I'll catch you're fall
If you break my dick, I won't break you're balls
If you get drunk and vomit on me
I'll make sure you get home safely

If you cross the road and a drunk struck you
And scrape you up and reconstruct you
I'll cheer you up if you're depressed
If you get murdered I'll avenge you're death

Friends walk together
La La La La
Pop and lock together

Friends go jogging at the track
Friends borrow money never pay It back
Friends do not let friends do crack
Friends go out and grab a snack
Friends drink beer in the sun
Unlike girlfriends they don't mind if you have more than one
Friends tell you when you're flys undone

My Uncle John had a special friend
They dressed a like, his name was Ben
I've never seen two friends like them
They we're very very friendly men

Happy AFD's you fools you!!

I wasn't sure if I should admit this, but not only am I stunning, I am also famous. You can see all the people admiring me and I am sure they are thinking just how stunning this woman is that they are leering at. I am hanging at all the major museums. It gets quite scary at times, when I am strolling along minding my own bizness when I am approached for autographs and for photo opps. Sometimes, I even have to walk around incognito.

See, what I mean. Somebody fucked up my billboard!


1 10' 25 -0' 13 5.8 +0.1 0 ft
2 11' 32 +0' 54 5.2 -0.4 0 ft
3 11' 30 +0' 52 5.2 -0.4 +4 ft
end 9' 03 -1' 35 6.6 +1.0 -3 ft
Versus average of 10' 38 min/mile: Slower Faster

4 Miles ran - 10.38 min/mile BUT I ran the last mile in 9.03 which was nice. 476 calories burned. All in all a good run.

I do feel tired with all the running I've been doing, but it is a good kind of tired and I know in another week I will be used to my running routine. I like how things simply fall into place and it's almost always a good place to be.

By the way, I am famous in London too. This stunning portrait hangs in the Gallery of Runners in central London.

Funny story:
Yesterday, while riding home from the doctor on the subway, I glance up and see this big ass sign that asked in very big bold lettering:
DO YOU HAVE BUNIONS?? Complete with photos of ugly ass feet with bunions. Now, I am not talking about your normal everyday garden variety bunions. I am talking bunions the size of New Jersey! They had before and after photos too. I just thought it was amusing since I had just seen a doctor for my toe and I am developing a bit of a bunion look. It is not a bunion but just plays one on TV.

The Universe told me today:
Just thought you should know, Michelle, you're one of my favorite people of all time.
Shhhhh -
The Universe

I am the freaking Universe's favorite people of all time!! Now, while this really shouldn't come as a surprise to you, it just confirms what I've been saying all along. Which is I am raw cool and I know it.
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