Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dance Music...POST #200

The Mountain Goats - Dance Music

So, as i was meandering to the mailbox earlier today, i decided to check out the ultra modern cool high tech set up that Mr. Security guard had going on. Mr. Security guard was teetering on the edge of sleepiness. He was doing what i like to call the bob and sway only nobody was sitting next to him, like on the subway.

You know, when your sitting there reading or watching a movie on your iPod and a man (its always a heavy set man with armpit odor) starts to nod off. At first, its just his eyes flickering. You glance over and pray to the subway GOD that he stays put. Not happening.

Heavy set man starts to bob a bit. His head i mean. It starts to slip forward ever so slowly and then as if somebody pushes his head up, it boings right back up again. OK, you think this should work out and you continue watching your movie. Then you feel it. His body starts to do the side to side motion that is commonly called the sleep sway. Head bobbing, he starts swaying left and right. Left and right. Your on the right. Right into you, he goes making you inadvertently lose your place in the movie you are watching and at that point you really don't care. You just want to get away from heavy set armpit smelly man as fast as possible.

So, you do.

So, Mr. Security guard was not aware that i was schooching (is that a word?) over his shoulder watching with wonder and glee all the many video screens set up there for him to watch. It was quite a show. I saw an elderly woman in a pink bathrobe checking her mail. I saw a young teenager fiddling with his keys on floor 8, then entering his apartment. I also saw a young maintenance man in the elevator with what appeared to be an iPod. He was grooving to some sort of beat. All alone like no one was watching. But, indeed we were. Or i was anyway.

That got me to thinking. Just yesterday i was in the elevator with my iPod classic blasting a Madonna song called Hung up. Here it is for those of you not in the know....

And not only was i singing the damn song, i was dancing to it. In the elevator. Alone. Or so i thought.

Mr. Security Guard snapped to attention and made it quite clear that at the exact moment i was both singing and dancing in the elevator ALONE he was not only awake and watching, but so was the entire maintenance crew.

Thought for the day :
Work like you don't need money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And dance like no one's watching.
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