Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's As If The Caffeine Is Still Coursing Through My Body.....Post #202

I am well aware that i am late for my Sunday word of the day. I agonized over what word to use today. So, here goes:
Metagrobolized - totally perplexed and mixed up

Yeah, i am. Totally perplexed. Totally. But, it doesn't really matter. I just do the flick. FLICK, FLICK!!! I love that don't you??

So, today was my 7th day of no running. 7 fucking days. This is why i feel the jolt of the beautiful caffeine that i ingested today. I usually feel the jolt of the beautiful endorphins coursing through my body and it almost feels as though i am on the verge of an orgasm. Yeah, i said it. So, i had to do something. I had to get that feeling. Starbucks seems to give me that feeling. Not as intense, but hey they have free WiFi!!!

Perhaps, i should quickly tell you the reason i have not run in a week is because my thighs hurt. Enough to stop running for 7 fucking days!!! Ok, on with it!!!

Still, running is much much better. There is really no way to describe it. So, here is my plan. Tomorrow AM. I will attempt 2-3 miles. If, in any of the time i am in a running motion, i feel pain, i stop. That's it. My plan. Wish me luck please. I feel nervous.

I am contemplating my plan. I am a bit metagrobolized. I feel the pressure of the caffeine calling to me. But, here is what i came up with:

What this awareness, this deepening, this quietness, this place of
being reflective and connecting more with source or with spirit, out
of there comes great wisdom and great understanding and great ability
to act and be who we potentially are, our highest potential.

We as individuals and we as a collectivity can really take on our
lives and take on the challenges of our world in a way that's
personal, that's compassionate, that's with deep understanding, deep
caring, non polarized, and in away that can really make a difference."

No, i didn't make that up, you thought i did, didn't you!!?? See, i metagrobolized you all!!! HA!!!
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