Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OUCH!!! Can You Really Break Your Penis?? I Mean Toe???

So, today i thought i would regale you with my medical knowledge. Thank you goggle for learning me some good stuff. Up there what you are looking at is a X-ray of raw cools right foot. Well, the top part of raw cools foot anyway. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to add an arrow to direct your eyes where i want them. So, instead i had the brilliant idea of pointing a pen at said fracture. See how my mind works?? If you can't use your finger, use a pen!!! And i don't mean that in a dirty way at all so stop thinking that please!!!!

Far right, the lower part of the middle section. Can you see it? Do you see it??? The pen?? The fracture? The pen is pointed and now you must veer your eyes to the very right side where there is a teeny tiny little crack!!! Yeah, zoom in if you must! It's there in all it's glory!

The reason its a fairly bad crack/break/fracture is because its right above the joint! And the reason that is bad is because if the toe moves too much something bad happens to the joint. Are you digging my doctor talk? Professional right?

Ok, i am on a roll here. Let's talk penises. Or penis! Anybody catch last weeks episode of Grey's Anatomy?? You know, the scene where McSteamy (Sloan)....well this guy:

The scene where he is going at it with the Lexie!! Suddenly, he screams out in agonizing pain. Not a good agonizing pain but the pain of a man with a broken penis. So, for all my male readers i give you this:
For FREE!!! From Scientific American:

Given that there are no bones in the penis, can it really break? It turns out there is an unfortunate injury termed "penile fracture" that can indeed occur during sexual intercourse.

What exactly is broken penis syndrome?
It's what we call penile fracture. It is a severe form of bending injury to the erect penis that occurs when a membrane called the tunica albuginea tears. The tunica albuginea surrounds the corpora cavernosa, specialized spongy tissue in the core of the penis that fills up with blood during an erection. When the tunica albuginea tears, the blood that is normally confined to this space leaks out into other tissues. You get bruising and swelling.

What are the signs of penile fracture?
Usually there will be a popping sound. If someone has severe pain (in the penis), especially associated with bruising, swelling and loss of erection, he should seek emergency care.

How exactly does penile fracture happen?
Any situation during intercourse when there is thrusting and when the penis, instead of penetrating its normal location, is hitting some solid structure (such as the perineum). Usually this occurs during regular vaginal sex with the woman on top, but it can happen in the missionary position or during sexual acrobatics. We had this patient who suffered penile fracture after running across the room and trying to penetrate his wife with a flying leap.

And i think i will leave it at that!!!!

I have a pet peeve!!! My pet peeve is the use of the term pet peeve!!! A "peeve" is something that annoys or irritates you, and since irritation is a highly individual emotion, one's "peeve" may vary from person to person. But what if you are peeved at the word peeve??? Then what??

Sleep tight!! HUH? Does this mean I should take my favorite blankey and wrap up so tightly that i will then be lulled to sleep? of course not!! Just means to sleep soundly. Now i am all about getting a good night's sleep, but sleeping tightly just doesn't cut it for me!!!

To get one's goat!!! OK so i am angry!! Why should i say you've got my goat!!! Look that one up!!!

La-Di-Da and Shilly-shally and lardy-dardy!

I am going to go out on a limb here and guess what you are all thinking right now!!!

No rhyme or reason to this post. Yada yada, i concur!!!

COOL If your into photography and perhaps you were at the Inauguration last week?? Then click the cool and be amazed!!!

Here is the message from the universe that i received today!!! Pretty fucking cool huh???

Did you know, Michelle, that whenever you feel love, you literally begin to glow? You probably did.
But did you know that the glowing is actually made up of zillions of minute sparkles? And that these sparkles receive as much energy as they create? And that because of this energy exchange you completely stop aging and look younger? Abundance is immediately drawn to you? Healing powers fill you? Muscles are strengthened, pounds are shed, and your vision improves? Lingering questions are answered? New friends are summoned? Old friends are poked? Problems are solved? And maple syrup tastes more maple-y?

All when you feel love.

It's true -
The Universe

I'm just saying!!!
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