Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Would NPH Do???? Post #203

This is pure fucking genius. Please view this and look for the tear at the end. Priceless!!! NPH is an amazing man. I love him. Anybody watch him on How i Met Your Mother??? Again, priceless!

This post is a bull shit post. It's just a nothing post really.

Wanted to let you all know that i did indeed get one run in. The day i said i would, i did. But, i had to run on the beach due to icy conditions up on the boards. Which was fine. It just made for a harder, slower run. I ran for 40 minutes. SLOW! I did get to see the sunrise. It was nice. I guess. I was deep in conversation with my friend so i kinda didn't notice until the sun was high in the sky. I know, so not like me. I had just the slightest twinge of pain in my left thigh. Other than that it was smooth sailing. As i was finishing my run, i glanced down to the shore's edge and i saw a man. Naked i thought. So, i did what any normal female runner would do. I stopped, squinted and stared. I then noticed, and folks i wear glasses so perhaps i was seeing things, he was wearing some sort of flesh colored bathing suit. That is all i saw for in the next instance, he had jumped into the ocean and started swimming. It was 22 degrees and windy. I shivered just looking at him and continued on my run.

Today. Not so good. I could not seem to arise. It was as if my very comfy blanket had me hostage. It just wouldn't let me go. The more it pulled in down, the less i fought. Then i had tons of stuff to do and i thought i could get my run in before nightfall. Ummm, nope.

So, tomorrow it is. But, it will be around 15 degrees. Then Thursday there will be snow on the ground. Then Friday it will be 10 degrees. Fuck that. I am running. I am superwoman for goodness sakes.

January 19th is just around the corner. That date is my 1 year blogaversary. So? What to do?? I have no idea. I am not very creative these days. I'm have been doing quite a bit of flicking. FLICK, FLICK!!!

No, you stay. I am not flicking you away. Come back and read my lame ass posts. Or not!!!

American Idol is starting it's 8th season tonight. Yikes! I have decided not be a viewer. Just not my thang!!! Or thing! But, enjoy to those of you viewing. Biggest Loser. Not me. Not you either. It's also on tonight. I may view this just to see what all the hoopla is.

The Flys - Got you where i want you
Hey what's the point of this
Hey what's your favorite song
Maybe we could hum along

My song of the day sent to me by my friend. He likes to send me music, you see because we both like the same shit. He also tries to find songs that i DO NOT have on my iPod. This was one of them....I love it and it is now safely on my iPod in heavy rotation....
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