Thursday, February 26, 2009

Am I The Only One???


I am needing to come clean here! During President Obama's speech on Tuesday evening, when he started talking about a young woman named Tyshema Bethea and they panned over to her standing tall, well not tall, standing short, next to Michelle and Michelle was smiling down to her and she didn't even look up or respond, I fucking thought that she was a grown up woman!!!

I DID AND I ADMIT IT!!! What the fuck was I thinking??? Here is this young whipper snapper all like "we are not quitters" and here I am thinking how short she is and how she wasn't smiling up at Michelle. Plus, did you notice what she was wearing?? Is that typical 8th grade attire? I THINK NOT!!!

At about 1 minute into the video Michelle really tried to get her to smile and she just wouldn't. I was all like dude, smile at Michelle. SMILE DAMN IT!!! Then Michelle starts hugging on her, and still barely a smile. I think at that point I picked up my barely used running sneakers and threw it at the TV!!! I missed, by the way!!!

So, I need to know. Was I the only one who thought that Tyshema Bethea was a grown woman???? Because if so, I feel like a fool!!! I am not angry at my President for he did nothing wrong. I am not angry at Michelle for she tried her bestest. I am angry at the person who dressed Tyshema and made her look, for all the world to see, like an adult in a child's body.....

WE ARE NOT QUITTERS!!! That is great and all but still. Tyshema was probably thinking to herself "Yo Michelle why do you keep looking down at me with that strange smile going on??? I just want to get home in time to see Hannah Montana and American Idol ya know??? Can you ask Mr. Barack to speed things up a bit??? Also, I don't like being double hugged, since I am so tiny and all.

Here she is on ABC News, now come on!!! Doesn't she look about 43 years old Tyshema Bethea YES RIGHT?? I knew it!

Ok, I feel much better now knowing that everybody else thought the same thing as I did!! I lost some much needed sleep over this...I am not being facetious although at times I kinda fancy a bit of facetiousness in my life. And in my defense, Tyshema is short isn't she??? Ok, done.

I want to mention those followers that people were talking about all week. I believe I lost 1. Now I see its all different up there. It looks good, but so different and even though I admit, I am different than most, I like everything else to stay the same. I like consistency and I like the security of knowing that things are progressing along nicely without all the hoopla and changes. Can't we all just love each other and follow each other without this blogger bullshit???

Because that is exactly what it was!!! BS!! It's ok though, I am over it.

I did this once, I am doing it again:

It's not that I think lurking is a bad thing, I don't and I do. Lurk that is. I am declaring Thursday February 26, 2009 National Delurking day on Rawcool. All I ask is this....if you read my blog, leave a comment. Just like that blue yak did over at his hilarious blog a while back, leave a comment saying Hi, or Hello, Or where you are from or just one word. And then when you do I will gladly hop on over to your blog and read and comment too. So, its a win win. I meet you, you meet me!!! Easy peasy!!!

Also, since I am asking you nicely to comment, I need to ask this:
Is using easier or more annoying than the regular blogger commenting. I want to make it as easy peasy as possible for all of my readers to comment and want to comment without any annoying features or questions. So, I am asking for opinions and thoughts here. Thanks guys!!!

The Universe told me:
Have you ever noticed, Michelle, that the only difference between "think" and "thank" is one letter?
I haven't decided what that means, but it's got to be absolutely HUGE.

The Universe

"Go on then, run." "Isn't there some kind of like, special technique?" "Well, yeah. You put one leg in front of the other over and over again really fast!!!

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