Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Come I End Up Where I Started..How Come I End Up Where I Went Wrong???

Radiohead - 15 Step
How come I end up where I started
How come I end up where I went wrong
Won't take my eyes off the ball again
You reel me out and you cut the string.

How come I end up where I started
How come I end up where I went wrong
Won't take my eyes off the ball again
First you reel me out and then you cut the string

You used to be all right
What happened?
Did the cat get your tongue?
Did your string come undone?
One by one
One by one
It comes to us all
It's as soft as your pillow

You used to be all right
What happened?
Etcetera Etcetera
Fads for whatever
Fifteen steps
Then a sheer drop

How come i end up where i started?
How come I end up where I went wrong
Won't take my eyes off the ball again
You reel me out and you cut the string.

My post today was inspired by the very lovely Annsrants.


Ok, let me back up a bit. Yesterday, I needed to do something for a friend. A very wonderful friend of mine. His brother passed away 6 years ago on Feb 9th and I decided to get out and walk/run a 3 miler in honor of his bro!!! Now, the very fact that my TOE is broken didn't stop me. Yesterday. I walked the first mile in 15.23. Then, I started running. Second mile 10.23. Kept on going and hit mile 3 in 9.55. 3 miles in 35.42. My TOE felt OK! No pain. At all.

Then I read Ann's post on Nannynannies, which was hysterical, by the way and it got me thinking. A person of means can have a nanny for just about anything. A nanny for your nanny?? Who knew?? So, how about a runnernanny????

Here is how I would place the ad:

Looking for Runnernanny:
Must be between the age of 25-35. Able to run 8-9 minute miles and have interesting conversations with other runners or with themselves. Must play nice with others. Must be able to run 6 days per week. Must track all runs with my garmin and then email me the stats. (immediately) Must run at least 2 races for me and set PR's in both races FOR ME!!! Must dress appropriately in the latest and greatest running attire and gear. Must supply your own entertainment when running. iPod? NO WALKMEN. This is not the 80's dude. You can take rainy days off if you must.

I am sure I will get many responses because I was banned from running again. My doctor/running/friend said to me last night, in her exact words "don't fuck it up". Do not run again Michelle. Do you want to start all over again. You are 3 weeks into healing and your running today can set you back 3 weeks. Don't fuck it up Michelle. I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Don't fuck it up Michelle is all I heard. It's all I dreamed about last night. Oh that and this:

I was running. Why does it always come back to that??? Anyway, I was running on my beloved boardwalk and it was pitch dark outside. Now I am not talking dark with streetlights dark. I am talking dark with only the stars above to light the way. And i was sort of running and gliding at the same time. With my hands out in front of me making sure I wasn't bumping into anything or anybody. Then as my hands were groping in the dark, I felt a head and banged into someone. That someone being my friend who told me just last night not to fuck it up. Yikes!!! Thankfully, I woke up and glanced at the clock. 4am. Fuck!!!

Hey check this out:

Jan 2009 4 4:31:26 24.16 11' 14 2,813 +191 -188 +3 1.8 --
Feb 2009 1 0:35:42 3.00 11' 54 314 +26 -26 +0 1.9 --
OVERALL 5 5:07:08 27.16 11' 18 3,127 +217 -214 +3 1.9 --
Interpreted this means that in the month of January I ran 4 times for a total time of 4 hours 31 minutes 26 seconds 24.16 miles 11.14 pace 2,813 calories burned. In February I ran 1 time 35.42 3 miles 11.54 pace 314 calories burned. Total running in 2009 five hours seven minutes eight seconds total mileage 27.16 3127 calories burned.

I am not at all happy with these numbers. In fact, I am downright embarrassed. But that is all for another post.

Right now, I am looking for a Runnernanny. Anybody interested? Unfortunately, the pay has to be in the form of stroking your ego and making you feel as though you are the bestest runner in the whole entire world. Plus all the gatorade you can drink and/or snacks and my famous banana blueberry pancakes after every single run.


My Universe told me this today:
Michelle, never compromise a dream.
Sure, take a step back, regroup, go bowling, but never compromise a dream.

The Universe

"You make the world a better place by making yourself a better

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