Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's It Like Out There??

Grizzly Bear - Knife
I want you to know
when i look in your eyes
with every blow
comes another lie

you think its alright
can't you feel the knife

Grizzly Bear is a Brooklyn-based indie rock band currently on Warp Records and consists of Daniel Rossen, Ed Droste, Chris Taylor and Christopher Bear The band employs traditional and electronic instruments, ranging from a recorder to a laptop, and all four members contribute vocals. Their sound is categorized as experimental rock, folk rock, or just indie rock, and is most dominated by the use of acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies. Check them out here myspace. I don't know if i dig this group because they are from Brooklyn, or if its in spite of that fact??

Rejected Gumball Flavors
ear wax
heavyweight boxer sweat
shower drain crud
Chanel No.5
cold gravy
urinal cake (may be a post about this)
dentist rinse basin

“Act all thongish even if you’re all granny cottonish.”
“I have to disagree with the notion that we learn something new every day.
I think I’ve had several days in a row where I haven’t learned anything and even
forgotten some things.”

I'm pouting today. I give good pout. Not sure I can share the way I look when I pout, but it's not pretty.

So, the reason that I am pouting is I had a particularly embarrassing and ridiculous run in with the long arm of the law, whatever the fuck that means. I was in a hurry sir. Fuck you.

I made a left turn and went my merry way when suddenly to my left I noticed a big blue van. No police markings of any kind. Big, burly long arm stuck his head out of the window and said

Po-Lice Officer "Young lady, do ya know what ya did back there??
Michelle "HUH"?
Po-lice Officer "You know, back there when you turned??"
Michelle "Ummm, HUH"?
Po-Lice Officer "Lady, you turned left when you weren't supposed to" (All of a sudden I am not a young lady anymore)
Michelle "HUH" I did????
Po-Lice Officer "Didn't you see the sign that said no left turn??
Michelle "Like DUH" NO!!!
Po-Lice Officer "There are SIX (6) signs saying NO LEFT TURN!!!
Michelle "Woah" No way" "Are you sure (batting my eyelashes) WTF does that even mean???
Po-Lice Officer "License please"

And he proceeded to write out my ticket. On a yellow piece of paper. I take it and drive away. I then study that ticket and for the life of me, I do not know how much to pay!! They list everything but what I did.

I am going with "Most other Violations" $120

EDIT: I went to look, there is indeed six (6) signs that say NO LEFT TURN!!! I'm just saying!

Then today I was violated. Well, my teeth and gums were. I had my dreaded teeth cleaning appointment. I would much rather go to my GYN, spread my legs and have a cold speculum inserted inside my va-jay-jay than have a teeth cleaning.

I feel as though at any moment I will choke to death on my own saliva and blood. It is just not the way I want to go.

So, that was my day!
This too! But, I kinda don't want to talk about it. Well, my TOE! Nuff said.

The Universe had the nerve to tell me this today:

Simply imagine happiness, Michelle, your own happiness. Feel the smile stretching across your face, notice the lightness in your step, hear the sparkle in your voice, and all things, material and spiritual, will dance to the beat of your drums.
Happy Thursday!
The Universe

You can be greater than your track record. Greater than the sum of your parts. You can be greater than has ever been hinted at... DO IT.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

AND I'M OUT!!!!!

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