Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Costanza Wallet....

George Costanza's wallet

Referring to the Seinfeld episode where George's wallet was so overstuffed with junk that it made him sit at a tilt with it in his back pocket; forcing him to even it out by stuffing his other back pocket with napkins. Eventually, the wallet exceeds maximum density and explodes on the street in a shower of cash and receipts.

Hey! Don't over stuff that or it'll go like George Costanza's wallet!

George: Oh, so now I have to buy the whole chair by myself?
Jerry: No, you don't have to buy anything.
George: I already bought it! I've been lying to you for three days and now you're all screwin' me!
Jerry: I don't understand. Why didn't you tell us you had it?
George: I needed it. My back is...a little tweaked.
Jerry: Because of your giant wallet. Just get rid of it.
George: Never! It is a part of me. I will just return the chair, and it will be easy, because the receipt is in my good friend.
Jerry: Your good friend is morbidly obese.

This is purely classic. May i say that i have known many people in my day to overstuff their wallets resulting in the above Costanza wallet. It's not pretty! So, i slimlined everything i own. My wallet is filled with just the right amount of "stuff" that i need. No overstuffing no matter what! (part of my quest to feel lighter is to carry less things)...I so remember that scene in Seinfeld when George is running through the streets of Manhattan trying to retrieve all of his Constanza wallets important papers. Just makes me smile thinking of it!
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