Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shuddering past the pepperoni!

Grocery shopping and being 100% raw is always interesting to say the least! I usually try to avoid the meats, chickens and fish sections but ya know, sometimes it just pops out at you!! Also, canned veggies is a nightmare to behold. In all groceries the produce is the first thing you see when you enter. So, enticing and beautiful. Green and red and yellow, sprouts and nuts and seeds! YUM! My cart was full before i left produce. Thats a good thing!!! So, i started my wandering because most of what i eat i now had in my cart. Wandering...kind of in a daze, looking in other people's carts. One older gentleman had something, i'm not quite sure what it was though. It was big, reddish and ugly as all hell!! Upon closer observation i realized it was a big, no i mean very big hunk of some sort of strange looking meat!!! Mostly fatty looking and indescribable. The flesh of a cow perhaps? Maybe pig?? Either way, this man was upsetting to look at because i knew in a few more years he would be dead! So, continuing on my way i came to the spice aisle. Perusing for the cayenne, there it was in all its red glory!! A quick phone call to my very special teacher and i knew which one to buy!! Finally, i happened upon a beautiful and very colorful table with bags and bags full of pepperoni! One thought came to mind, "damn i used to eat that on my pizza"! Today, all thoughts of pizza, pepperoni and anything else cooked is not even really a thought at all. Life at the grocery store will go on today and tomorrow and life in my mind will go on bright, peaceful, happy and lighter!!!
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